Starting a New Game

How to start a game - How to play in a game on AutoHost

Each new game has one person (could be you) who creates the game and submits the starting files to Ron at AutoHost. Ron then approves the game and sets it up in AutoHost. From that point all players may begin play from the web page for that game. When the game is complete the game host should inform Ron to clear the game from the main games page.   Stars! AutoHost is a free service and games are almost always approved.     :)

What do I need to do to start a game?

  1. Email Ron Miller asking to be placed on waiting list.
  2. Ron will email you back letting you know your position in the waiting list.
  3. When your name reaches the top of the list, Ron will email you.
  4. At that time, you will have about 8 days to get the game files to Ron.
  5. Create the game.
  6. Send game files and information to Stars! AutoHost
  7. Host the game.


Creating the game
  1. Get a list of players and their e-mail addresses.
  2. Be sure that every player has the ability to send their turn files to AutoHost and get their turn files from AutoHost using the supported methods. These methods are supported by most systems so most people probably will be fine. AOL supports sending files by email but tends to send e-mail slowly and occasionally cause turns to be late.
    • Upload: turn files to Stars! AutoHost:
      Use a Web based file upload which requires a compatible web browser such as Firefox. You may e-mail attached files using the following formats: MIME BASE64, UUENCODE, or BINHEX.
    • Download: turn files from Stars! AutoHost:
      Use a web browser that allows you to click on a download link to save a file such as Firefox. If you like, you can have AutoHost send you your turn file via email using MIME BASE64
  3. Be sure each player is using the same version of Stars! There are version updates available from the AutoHost KN-2050 Central Computer. All players must be using the 'J' patchlevel of Stars.
  4. Decide what details to use in the universe definition such as star density, galaxy clumping, etc...
  5. Decide on the winning conditions (you can set the game for an impossible win and just decide as a group when it is over)
  6. Remind all players to use passwords on their race files and when playing.
  7. Collect all custom race files that players are going to use. (example: myrace.r1)
  8. Use your Stars! game to create the new game. Please do not use 'GAME' as the filename, or I will have to rename all your files. :) If you have computer AI players in your game, add human players first, then add AI players. There must NOT be any human player after a computer AI player, otherwise I WILL request you regen the game, or reject it from being on Stars! AutoHost.
  9. If all players in the game wish to prevent the game host from having access to all game files then you may notify Ron that this is your concern and request that he create the game for you. If so, then please zip and send him all .r race files and a .def file so he can create the game automatically from the stars.exe command-line. See the Stars! help file for information about the .def file syntax.

Sending new game files and information to Stars! AutoHost

  1. Ask to be put on the host waiting list.
  2. When your name reaches the top of the list and a game slot is open, Ron will email you and give you about 8 days to send in your new game.
  3. Do NOT set a password on the .HST game file as AutoHost will not be able to generate turns for your game if a password is set.
  4. Zip up all the game files (.r race files not needed) and using MIME BASE64 (or UUENCODE) e-mail attach the zip and send to Ron. Also include a list of player's first names, email addresses, and race names in game play order. Please use the following format for easy data entry:
    Player1=Ron,,The Swords
    etc. for each player where Player# matches player# in the game. Note that there are NO SPACES ALLOWED except in the player name and race name fields.
  5. Ask your players to read the instructions for using Stars! AutoHost found at
  6. As game host, you need to read the section further down this page under "Host Responsibilities".
  7. Ron will email you after your game is setup, giving you a username/password for the Host Utility.
  8. Check the games page to find your game listed there after Ron has set it up.
  9. Check over all player data to ensure it is correct.
  10. E-mail your group from the active players e-mail link in the Host Utility and give them the web page address for your game page.
  11. Begin game play. (enjoy!)
  12. If players desire, you can use Host Utility to set it so that AutoHost will email them their turns automatically after new turn generation.

Host Responsibilities:

NOTE: If you are just looking for a new game to join, try the following site, or look in the forum
The List
There are also other sites that may list starting games as well.

How do we play our turns using AutoHost?

Basic: Each turn you
  1. Download a game.m file,
  2. Play
  3. Upload a game.x file.

  1. Browse to the AutoHost games page
  2. Go to your game page and bookmark it in your browser. You may want to bookmark the mirror game page also.
  3. Click on the "Universe definition file.xy" link at the top of the page and download the file into your Stars! directory
    (These steps only need to be done once, not every turn)

  1. Find your personal line on your game page
  2. If you have not played your turn this game year then click on the game name (example: ourgame.m1) and download it. This is your turn information that you will be using to make your move from
  3. Open Stars!, load your turn .m file, and play your turn
  4. Immediately when you finish your moves for the turn choose "File" on the menu-bar then "Save and Submit". This saves your moves to a file in your Stars! directory (file name example: ourgame.x1)
  5. In your web browser, go to your game page.
  6. Choose the "Upload Turn" link at the top of the page and follow the directions there.
  7. At this point your turn is done.

    AutoHost will process your turn and update the game page usually within about three to five minutes if it is running normally. You must refresh or reload your game page to see the updated page because your web browser cache's the page with a local copy on your computer and reloading it will read the changes from the AutoHost web site.

  • To play your next turn another time start with step 1 at that time

  • If you wish to play another move immediately you will need to clear the cache in your web browser before downloading your turn file.

    (You can do this by actually quiting and restarting your web browser or by clearing the cache using the menu options in your browser. If you do not then you will probably see what looks like a lightning fast download and then see last turn's map and information when you try to play. This is because when you downloaded the last turn file your browser probably temporarily cached a local copy of the file on your internal hard drive. This is normal but is not useful in this situation. Which ever way is most convenient for you will work.)

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