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NOTE: (Nov. 1, 2019)
Stars! was made for Windows 3.11. It runs natively under Windows 3.11 through Windows XP (32-bit). Windows 7 and up (64bit) require a bit more work to get Stars! working.
See this page on the Stars! Wiki, the DOSBox or StarsWine sections. These are the easiest way to get Stars! running on Windows 7 and above.

AutoHost Client (Java) auto check for new turn / download / upload and more.
STARS26JRC4.ZIP is the complete J RC4 beta exe file ( English-registered shareware) that is being used on AutoHost.(Stars! 2.6)
STARS26JRC3.ZIP is the complete J RC3 beta exe file (English-registered shareware) (Stars! 2.6)
STARS27JRC3.ZIP is the J RC3 beta exe file - copy over your existing 2.7 exe file (English-retail) (Stars! 2.7)
STARS27JRC3-GERMAN.ZIP is the J RC3 beta exe file (German-retail) (Stars! 2.7)

STARS26b.ZIP is unregistered version 2.6b. Free playable demo.
Limited to technology level 10 but allows unlimited play turns.

STARDEMO.EXE is the latest unregistered version. Free playable demo.
Limited to 80 play turns and tech level 10.  (You can play in multiplayer
games with this one too.)
STARS2AU.ZIP is an update from v2.0 to v2.0a REGISTERED ONLY.
STARS2BU.ZIP is an update from v2.0a to v2.0b REGISTERED ONLY.
STARS25U.ZIP is an update from v2.0b to v2.5 REGISTERED ONLY.
STAR25AU.ZIP is an update from v2.5 to v2.5a REGISTERED ONLY.
ST25A26B.EXE is an update from v2.5a to v2.6b REGISTERED ONLY. (self-extracting zip, put in stars.exe dir and run, then follow patch.txt instructions)
STAR26CU.EXE is an update from v2.6b to v2.6c REGISTERED ONLY.
ST26C26D.EXE is an update from v2.6c to v2.6d REGISTERED ONLY.
ST26D26F.EXE is an update from v2.6d to v2.6f REGISTERED ONLY.
ST26F26G.EXE is an update from v2.6f to v2.6g REGISTERED ONLY.
ST26G26H.EXE is an update from v2.6g to v2.6h REGISTERED ONLY.
ST26H26I.EXE is an update from v2.6h to v2.6i REGISTERED ONLY.
NOTE: There is no 2.6e version. To upgrade registered v2.0 to v2.6i, you must get
all above updates that refer up to 2.6i, unzip the first one into the directory where
your stars!2.exe file is, run PATCH, then unzip the next one etc.
If you have an old version and do not wish to download all the above, then go
to the official site where patches are available to upgrade your version directly
to the latest patchlevel.
ST26A26B.ZIP is an update from v2.6a to v2.6b REGISTERED ONLY.
ST26BHLP.ZIP is the v2.6b help file.
Stars 2.7 is available from EMPIRE INTERACTIVE. There is no patch
to upgrade previous version of Stars to 2.7
STAR27AU.EXE is an update from 2.7 to 2.7a RETAIL ONLY.
ST27A27B.EXE is an update from 2.7a to 2.7b RETAIL ONLY.
ST27B27F.EXE is an update from 2.7b to 2.7f RETAIL ONLY.
ST27B27C.EXE is an update from 2.7b to 2.7c RETAIL ONLY (fixes VCR crash bug).
ST27C27F.EXE is an update from 2.7c to 2.7f RETAIL ONLY.
ST27F27G.EXE is an update from 2.7f to 2.7g RETAIL ONLY.
ST27G27H.EXE is an update from 2.7g to 2.7h RETAIL ONLY.
ST27H27I.EXE is an update from 2.7h to 2.7i RETAIL ONLY.
NOTE: There is no 2.7d or 2.7e.
E27IHELP.EXE is an English updated 2.7i quick search help file.

Very old version:
Stars! v1.10a. I have received permission from Jeff McBride to post this early registered version.

SNB_V2XF.ZIP Stars! NoteBook v2.xf Excellent, Map, Stats, Team-Play
STARSCALC306.ZIP Stars Calculator v3.06 Excellent, Many in one.
STARMAP10.ZIP Star Map v1.0 Dos based, Nice output.
PACAL.ZIP Packet Damage Calculator v1.0 Easy. Author. Chaff sweeping calculator, by Dan Neeley and LEit. SIR.ZIP Secret Intelligence Reporter v0.5 Beta, Multi-Play.
I-TRADE.ZIP Information Trader v1.45, Multi-Play.
UC.ZIP Universe Creator v1.3, modify .xy file based on a picture.
MAPPER07.EXE Mapper 0.7 beta, modify .xy based on a GIF, dump .xy to GIF.  
MAP2XY.ZIP will take a .xy file and a .map file and modify the .xy file to match the .map file.  
mSplit is a small command-line tool to split a multi-year M file into it's consitutent 1-year parts. 
TEAMTT8.ZIP Excell spreadsheet by Kurt Over, for calculating TT values in team game.
WINZIP95.EXE unzipping program for Windows 95
WINZIP.EXE unzipping program for Windows 3.x
PKUNZIP.EXE unzipping program for DOS
XCHANGE.ZIP original PERL code from Thomas Tong, basis of Stars! AutoHost
For access to more downloads go to the Stars! AutoHost Starbase Epsilon-42 and
use the jumpgate to visit other Stars! sites.
thumb print ID scannerKN-2050
thumb print ID scannerData Terminal PadStars! AutoHost