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What is "Stars!" ?
Stars! is a turn-based space conquest strategy game for Windows. Many believe it is the BEST strategy game available today. Check out the official web site (sorry, long dead link) for the game Stars! or visit other Stars! web sites with a variety of game resources including strategy guides, calculators, and mapping utilities.
Multi-player games are played by exchanging turn files with a game host by using e-mail, an IRC chat server, an automated web server, a local network, or any other method of sharing files. Stars! AutoHost automates this process for you.
Try Stars! with a playable demo version download from here. Stars! is no longer available for sale from any retail store that I know of. The full version currently requires a serial number to play. See this forum entry on how to get a serial number.
Check out this screen-shot of a game in play. The game interface is detailed but allows you simple control with some automation or even detailed control of game play. You will be exploring, designing, building, researching, and much more. For the first time player it is challenging to learn how to play but is easy once you understand how the controls are organized. You can design your own ships, meet alien traders, conquer the galaxy and more... It's fun, try it!

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