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icon6.gif  Magellan Cloud News Fri, 06 December 2002 10:36 Go to previous message
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Good day everyone, this is Hank E. Panky with the Magellan Cloud News Service (MGNS) interrupting your busy lives with a late breaking story from the Magellan Cloud.

The Top Stories today as reported by one of our reporters in the field, R. U. Craazie, are as follows:

Divinae forces have eliminated the Fakawi colony at Kwaidan. Negotiations between the DeMizer fleet that arrived at Kwaidan the same year that the Divinae took over the planet and the Divinae are going on currently to prevent a war between these two races.

In other news the Pack has brutally (no bias here Wink ) attacked the DeMizer colony at Neptune detroying the Starbase and ships in orbit in a somewhat unprovoked attack. Smile

The Pack and the DeMizer fleets continue to exchange shots at each other across their minefields in what is heating up to be a full scale war between two space demolitionist races in this small corner of the universe. Although the Pack has battleships the captains of the DeMizer fleets are in good spirits as indicated by this recent interview with Captain Shicken of the DeMizer border guard:

Interviewer: How likely is it that the DeMizer fleets will survive the coming hostilities?
Captain Shicken: What hoshtillities {urp}, oh syou mean thoshe tiny little shee-ips of the Pack, well, I'm not shcared or thoshe guysh. Do yoush have any more to drink?

The rest of the interview consisted of Captain Shicken passing out in his command chair.

Our final story today is that there is a puppy missing on Iceball. If anyone has seen this small, black, brown, and green dog who answers to the name of Slushie, please report it to Tina at the customs office on Iceball, she is quite worried about it.

Signing off for now, this is Hank E. Pankee saying may your ship still be in one piece tomorrow when you wake up!

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