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Paladin wrote on Fri, 13 June 2003 04:30

The Taubat wrote on Thu, 12 June 2003 17:11

ROFL ROFL sometime, im gonna have to try a SD Twisted Evil but from what I here itsa MM nightmare, all those little MFs, one thing though, what good is making them explode when the enemy is sweeping? am I missing something

The problem is in order to sweep the mines, you have to be in the minefield, which is exploding around you and leaving dents and scratches all over your pretty shiny space ships.

Yup, Paladin is right here.
Taubat, in case you didn't know there is something like the Stars! order of Events (hm, maybe make that a sticky in the Academy ...?), very interesting, check it out and you'll see that the order is:
  • move into the field
  • possibly hitting the field (which makes it smaller)
  • detonation
  • sweeping if your ship survived the blast Twisted Evil (I love SD!)
Now, using the SOoE wouldn't be a cheat?! Shocked Does it?! Angel


SD does require MM but unfortunately so does fighting one. Wall Bash They're like a MM disease that infects both themselves and their enemies.

Yup again. Two ways to destroy your enemies:
  • bomb their planets
  • MM them to death! Laughing Twisted Evil

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