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How are cloaking and scanner ranges rounded? Sat, 08 June 2019 07:51 Go to previous message
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The interface displays cloaking as a whole percentage from 0 to 98%, and scanner ranges as whole integers. We also know that stars! likes integer math quite a bit. However, does anyone know for sure:

- Are cloak % rounded, or can you have 97.4% cloak? I'm assuming the answer is that it's rounded.
- Are effective scanner ranges rounded? I.e., .98 cloak * 880 range = 17.6. Will the ship be detected at 17ly, 17.6ly, or 18ly?
- Are cloak % for merged fleets rounded? I.e., if I combine a 97% cloak and 98% cloaked ship, depending on relative mass the final cloak will be 97.xx%. Is this rounded down (e.g. always 97%), rounded (98% if >=97.5%), or taken as fractional value?

[interestingly, these are the numbers according to Posey's spreadsheet and the calculator for merging a 97% (10 super cloak) with a 98% (12 super cloak) ship:

mass(97%) | mass(98%) | posey | starscal
100 | 249 | 97.4986% | 97%
100 | 250 | 97.5000% | 97%
100 | 317 | 97.5803% | 97%
100 | 318 | 97.5813% | 98%

So, it seems starscal and posey do the calculations differently as the .5 or rounding breakpoint seems quite different. ]

And i guess same questions for tachyon detectors:
- Is cloak reduction rounded (down)?
- Are effective cloak and scanner ranges rounded (down)?

I could presumably testbed most of these, but if any of the answers are common knowledge it is simpler to just ask Smile

[Updated on: Sat, 08 June 2019 07:51]

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