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Gaining advantages throug player number Tue, 08 April 2003 07:38 Go to previous message
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I would like to start a discussion on the issue, if advantages can be gained by player number.

Some examples:

- if several players have frighters at the position of salvage, and they try to load minerals, the player with the lowest number gets them.

- if 2 CA fight each other, and one attacks the other with OAs,
then he deterraforms the planet while attacking for whatever reason (bombing, popdrop...). If the other player has OAs in orbit, too and lower player number, he cant do anything. If he has a higher player number he can terraform back the same turn... (I am not sure it works, but I think there is some way to exploit this).

- If 2 races attack in combination, and they have to chaff sweep, then the player with the lowest number must be the one who sends in the chaff to sweep the minefield, because if he targets the last moving fleet of the higher player fleets, he will still run into the minefield first. So chaffsweeping can only be performed by the player with lowest player number.

- If 2 players bomb a planet, then they bomb in order of player number, so it makes sense to give LBUs to the player with lower player number, and cherries to the one with higher player number.
LBUs are more expensive and the bombers are more attractive, so in an alliance the one with higher number has an advantage.

Are there other ways to exploit this? Are there ways to prevent this? What should a host do when playing, set himself in high or low position?

I dont really want an answer to these questions, I would like to make you aware of this problem (ok, its a small one), and start some discussion about it...

Maybe we find out something interesting?


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