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Immutable Rules

All players must always abide by all the rules then in effect, in the form in which they are then in effect. The rules in the Initial Set are in effect whenever a game begins. The Initial Set consists of Rules 101-115 (immutable) and 201-215 (mutable).
Initially rules in the 100s are immutable and rules in the 200s are mutable. Rules subsequently enacted or transmuted (that is, changed from immutable to mutable or vice versa) may be immutable or mutable regardless of their numbers, and rules in the Initial Set may be transmuted regardless of their numbers.
A rule-change is any one of the following: (1) the enactment, repeal, or amendment of a mutable rule(or rules); (2) the enactment, repeal, or amendment of an amendment to a mutable rule(or rules); or (3) the transmutation of an immutable rule into a mutable rule or vice versa.
Note: This definition implies that, at least initially, all new rules are mutable; immutable rules, as long as they are immutable, may not be amended or repealed; mutable rules, as long as they are mutable, may be amended or repealed; any rule of any status may be transmuted; no rule is absolutely immune to change.
All rule-changes posted to this thread shall be voted on. They will be adopted if and only if they receive the required votes at the time that voting was closed.
Every Home World Forum member is an eligible voter. Every Home World Forum member who has voted in this game at least once is a player.
All proposed rule-changes shall be posted to this thread before they are voted on. If they are adopted, they shall guide play in the form in which they were voted on.
No rule-change may take effect earlier than the moment of the closing of the vote that adopted it, even if its wording explicitly states otherwise. No rule-change may have retroactive application.
Each proposed rule-change shall be given a number for reference. The numbers shall begin with 301, and each rule-change proposed in the proper way shall receive the next successive integer, whether or not the proposal is adopted.
If a rule is repealed and subsequently reenacted, it receives the number of the proposal to reenact it. If a rule is amended or transmuted, it receives the number of the proposal to amend or transmute it. If an amendment is amended or repealed, the entire rule of which it is a part receives the number of the proposal to amend or repeal the amendment.
Rule-changes that transmute immutable rules into mutable rules may be adopted if and only if the vote is unanimous among the participating voters. Transmutation shall not be implied, but must be stated explicitly in a proposal to take effect.
In a conflict between a mutable and an immutable rule, the immutable rule takes precedence and the mutable rule shall be entirely void. For the purposes of this rule, a proposal to transmute an immutable rule does not "conflict" with that immutable rule.
The state of affairs that constitutes winning may not be altered from achieving n points to any other state of affairs. The magnitude of n and the means of earning points may be changed, and rules that establish a winner when play cannot continue may be enacted and (while they are mutable) be amended or repealed.
A player always has the option to cease to being a player and forfeit the game rather than continue to play or incur a game penalty. No penalty worse than losing, in the judgment of the player to incur it, may be imposed.
There must always be at least one mutable rule. The adoption of rule-changes must never become completely impermissible.
Rule-changes that affect rules needed to allow or apply rule-changes are as permissible as other rule-changes. Even rule-changes that amend or repeal their own authority are permissible. No rule-change or type of move is impermissible solely on account of the self-reference or self-application of a rule.
Whatever is not prohibited or regulated by a rule is permitted and unregulated, with the sole exception of changing the rules, which is permitted only when a rule or set of rules explicitly or implicitly permits it.

Mutable Rules

All players joining or re-joining the game shall begin or resume with zero points.
Eligible voters may propose rule-changes at any time.
Until and unless an eligible voter has voted on a proposed rule-change, a proposed rule-change may be modified by the eligible voter proposing it.
Each eligible voter may propose exactly one rule-change at a time. Until a proposed rule-change is adopted or rejected any "new" proposed rule-change shall be a modification of their previous proposed rule-change.
A proposed rule-change may be voted on no less than one week after it was last proposed or modified, whichever is later. Eligible voters vote by posting their vote to this thread.
While voting is allowed on a proposed rule-change, players may void or change their their vote by posting their intention to this thread.
Voting on a proposed rule-change may be closed by any player and no less than one week after the first vote on the prososed rule-change was made.
Except where otherwise noted, players who fail to vote or abstain in a given poll are not counted as abstentions.
A rule-change is adopted if and only if it receives a 90% supermajority in favour of its adoption among those players who vote on it otherwise it is rejected. If this rule is not amended by the closing of voting on the tenth proposed rule-change, it automatically changes to require only a simple majority.
An adopted rule-change takes full effect at the moment of the closing of the vote that adopted it.
When a proposed rule-change is defeated, the player who proposed it loses 10 points.
Each player always has exactly one vote per proposed rule-change.
If two or more mutable rules conflict with one another, or if two or more immutable rules conflict with one another, then the rule with the lowest ordinal number takes precedence to the extent of the conflict.
If at least one of the rules in conflict explicitly says of itself that it defers to another rule (or type of rule) or takes precedence over another rule (or type of rule), then such provisions shall supersede the numerical method for determining precedence.
If two or more rules claim to take precedence over one another or to defer to one another, then the numerical method again governs.
At no time may there be more than 25 mutable rules.
Where a player disagrees with the interpretation of a rule or a point of precedure, they may file a motion in this thread to have a solution to, or interpretation of, the matter put to a vote. Such votes will last for a period of one week from the motion being posted, and will be decided by a simple majority of elivigible voters in support or opposition.
No player is allowed to win.
If the rules are changed so that further play is impossible, or if the legality of a move cannot be determined with finality, or if, by vote of all current players, a move is determined to be equally legal and illegal, then the first player unable to complete some action required by the rules is the winner.
This rule takes precedence over every other rule determining the winner.

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