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1) I would like to have "clustered" off... It sometimes makes a mess of the planet names, which I usually put on. Smile The rest is quite okay.

Keep him in! He's good. Should have playtested his race a bit more before the game, it turned out to be too slow. Luckily there was enough time to get it started. I would let him play my turns - says enough. Smile

Must have been played by a very good player, I'm sure about that. We were full of awe all game long, from their finest hour in 2435 to the last sent packets this turn. PP is the most challanging race to play as you cannot negotiate with your neighbours here. So as nobody wants to have a PP enemy late in the game, everybody will attack you (according to my pre-game thoughts Smile.

Well... They were fuzzy, unpredictable, but never really did something special. The amount of ships he lost in detonating minefields showed: not a top player... He should have started taking Foodfight as teacher/leader. Guess he didn't do that. Verdict as far as *I* can see it, and sorry to be harsh, I mean in personal life the guy might be a real cool guy: intermediate with little hope of improvement.

I was totally surprised in 2435 or so to see (chameleons) him loose half his planets to a packet attack. I was like... How can anyone but a noob not see this coming... I mean at this level. What the **** is going on here??? This lead to that thing with Alter Ego asking for turn files. My thought now: The player is very much okay, but likes to chat a lot. A whole lot. He is a negotiator who can win by diplomacy. But in this game there is no room for such a thing. So maybe, just maybe, he chatted with Foodfight to negotiate a save border, and Foodfight mumbled some vague answers (as appropriate), Atari thought his border was save, and Foodfight then did what was appropriate. SOMETHING like that. Maybe I'm seeing ghosts here Smile. Anyway: guess Atari is okay. He got nice output out of his small territory afterwards and kept going, had too many enemies in the beginning and gambled wrong.

They didn't do much more then little probing attacks. They didn't have much options... They were buzy with the Plasmatics and P-Elastica the whole game, so those players can make a better judgement.

I think this single ally thing is a bit flawed. Think of it: once you pick your ally, usually without full information, you're stuck with it the whole game... There aren't that many choices, and if 8 out of 12 players have radiation low or so, some alliances will only colonize half their territories. Almost game over... I do believe that agressively scouting for an ally as soon as 2400 is the way to go. I did it, got about 5 proposals, and could pick the right one.

An idea: a game without formal NAPs, and with all diplomacy to be done in at the most *one* message per turn at the forum. So: readable for everyone. No emails, no MSN, no private messaging, no fixed allies.

That's my 2c Smile Back to work.

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