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Starbase FAQ Wed, 11 May 2005 02:24


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Link to the thread in the Academy

Battle orders/sweeping:
  • Starbases always use any/any as targets, they do not follow the default order primary/secondary targets.

  • However a starbase will attack according to the "attack who" in your default battle order, overriding the player relation settings.
    For example if you have set race A to friend but your default battle plan is to "attack everyone" than the starbase (none of your ships present) will start a battle should race A enter orbit.
    But strange things happen in such situations like when race A has you also set to friend and his battle orders are to "attack neutrals/enemies" (IOW not you) than no shots will be fired.
    Another weird situation is that if race B shows up and everyone has set everyone to friend but your default order is to "attack everyone" (which matters for your starbase) than the two friends will shoot each other while your starbase (again none of your ships present) sits back and watches ...

  • Obviously since a starbase can't move it doesn't have a tactic. However even if it might not be able to move, it can start a battle if the default battle order or player relations setting tells it too.

  • A starbase always sweeps neutral minefields even when default orders are set to nobody/only enemies/...

  • There is a specific slot firing order for starbases, for more info check here.

Salvage/tech gain:
  • Starbases leave no salvage when shot down.

  • You can't gain tech from shooting down a starbase with higher tech items.

Orbital devices:
  • When there are two gates on a starbase only one will be used. IOW an 100/any gate and an any/300 gate will not let you gate ships like an any/any gate would. When you mount two gates than for the starbase hull the left one is used, for the ultrastation and deathstar hull the one in the upper slot is used.

  • For IT scanning the same left or upper gate is used. Note: IT scanning does not show the starbase design (only the hull) nor the ships in orbit. You can only see the planetary stats: number of cols, hab, mineral concentrations and defense percentage.

  • Mounting two MD's however does give an advantage. Details are in the help file.

  • The jamming of a starbase is 75% of the normal/ship jamming. Therefor the maximum you can jam a starbase is 75% [ = 0.75 * 99% (or 100% if you like)].
    (Note: Ship jamming is capped at 95%.)

  • Cloaking a base has the same 98% limit as for ships.
    Cloaking also reduces IT gate scanning, however an IT gate with an "any" range will scan every stargate in the universe, even bases with maximum cloak, after all 2% of infinite range is still infinite range.

MT toys:
  • Mounting the Langston Shell or Mega Poly Shell on your starbase will not give you any scanning, however you do get the jamming and cloaking.

  • Since you can't give your starbase way point orders it is not possible to lay mines when mounting Multi Contained Munition in the weap slots.

  • For the cheap starbase bug check out the cheats list here on the Forum.

Enemy actions:
  • You can't popdrop, nor bomb, nor de-terra a planet with OA's if the starbase is still up.

{ Update: the part about jamming }

{ Update: removed an incorrect part from the Salvage/tech gain section }

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