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Emperor Game Results (long) Tue, 12 April 2005 23:53 Go to previous message
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This game was based on an interesting concept; all races have the same PRT, hab range, and growth rate. There were also two other unusual conditions; no random events, and max mins.

Taking these stipulations into account, I started building a race. Since the starting hab was 1 in 11 and everybody has the same hab, I took TT (seemed obvious). Once again since all have same hab, I took ISB to help with early wars over planets. I wanted a HG monster so I took the standard 12/9/16 -g and cheap tech in Weap, Cons, and Bio. Having racked up a large deficit in points, I trashed my mine settings (8/7/10), depending on the max mins to offset it. Other LRTs were IFE for early expansion, NRSE for points, RS, OBRM & NAS (the last one was debatable, especially without an MT, but I thought it would be a quick game).

The game files got posted to SAH, but then things fell apart. The game host disappeared before the game even started. Never could find out why. Finally, I asked Ron to just take the game off hold. He did and we were off.

Note: Following dates are approximate.

2400: The game starts and I can already see a neighboring 2ndary planet 231 ly away. Unfortunately, because of the delay we lost about three of the players. Decided to forge ahead with the five remaining players.

2406: I've scouted about 18 planets and have only found one green world (directly between my planet and my neighbor's 2ndary world). Decided I needed to go for it, sent a colonizer with a privateer following one year behind. My neighbor colonizes the planet one year before my colonizer arrives. I decide to pop drop with the colonizer to reduce the pop and take it over the next year with the following privateer. Imagine my surprise when I found myself owning the planet with 100 pop. Next year the privateer dumps pop/minerals and I put a basic Orb Fort in two years with a few shields, 12 Alphas, and 5 blue lasers. Finish it just before their ships arrive and it prevents them from pop-dropping. Shortly thereafter, my neighbor leaves the game.

2430: I've met another race that is expanding rapidly and since there are only four players left, I propose an alliance with them. Negotiations ensue and I feel they want too many concessions. I recall my ambassador and declare war.

2435: I have taken over a couple of my adversary's outlying planets and decide to consolidate my position and concentrate on building up my planets.

2450: Scores go public. I immediately become public enemy #1 with twice the resources of the #2 race. The game becomes three against one.

2460: I've been able to hold off the attacks from all three just barely. If they'd coordinated their attacks better, it would have lost some planets. #3 race leaves the game. I start to build mining fleets to compensate for my low mine settings.

2475: At our closest border, myself and the #2 race have been building up our BB fleets. Main ship is a beamer BB; we both have identical designs, but I have about 25% more ships. I battle sim and get widely varied results based on who the computer picks to fire first. I decide it's time to risk the battle because even if I lose, they will probably lose most of their ships. About 1/3rd of my ships survive and the bombers are doing their damage. I also have some more beamers on the way to supplement my losses at the battle. I now decide to stop building and tech for Nubians with AMPs/elephants. Estimate obtaining needed tech by 2483.

2477: I have taken over their planet and starting my attack on a second planet. They've been building ships, but don't have enough to hurt my fleet yet.

2479: #2 race suggests we end the game. I currently have three times the resources of the #2 race and 12 breeder planets still holding at 33%.

Comments on the races:

The #2 race was a -F and was run very well. Multi-pronged attacks and good use of mine-layers kept me very busy.

The #4 race has my respect for sticking with the game despite having only 1/10 my resources. Interestingly enough, this race was the only one that killed one of my starbases. They then started throwing packets. Luckily, I was able to gate in a backup fleet to a nearby planet and get there in time to defend construction of a basic starbase with a mass driver the year before the packets started arriving.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Hopefully, some of the other players will provide comments from their perspective.

-Star Daze

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