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The Rings1 game has ended (more than a month ago, but RL kept me busy). It was a team game with 4 teams of 3 in a universe remapped into 3 rings. (The full parameters/announcement can be found here.)

Victory conditions:

The game will be over in 2500.
Each planet will have a point value: planets in the outer ring=1, middle=2 and center=3. Due to the different sizes of the rings in practice all the "whole" rings have about the same value. The team with the most points wins.
To collect the points for a planet there has to be at least 100.000 pop on the surface and a starbase in orbit (the starbase hull or above are valid, fort and dock are not).

A team owning the complete center ring ( =pop+base as above for each planet) at any time in the game will win immediately.

However a bit less than 10 years before the end the Underworld (as only other remaining team) conceded to the AI. At that time they owned more than half the universe.

A bit of team info:
The Bio Agents = 3IT
* Tabun, Soman, Sarin
The Red Scorpions = 3IT (2 of them -m!)
* Red Head, Red Dead, Red Fist
The Underworld = IT, WM, AR
* Drakes, Demons, Dragons
The AI = IT, WM, IS
* Macinti, Automitrons, Rototills

(Side note: I never intended to allow a 3IT team, but somehow this disappeared unnoticed from the game announcement and I didn't realize this until after the neutral party already received all race files and started genning for a suitable universe. Too late to start over again.)

I used a serie of screenshots of the universe (taken with Xtreme Borders) to make an animated map, showing the progress of the races during the game. The shots are taken every other year. Here is the link to the gif (file size is 508KB) or click the link at the end of this post.
An observer race was used to watch the entire universe with penscans from turn 2400, unfortunately due to a misunderstanding only the files of the first year and the last 20 years were saved. Therefor the data used to create this map is for the most part the AI turns (my team).

Colour coding:
yellow = Bio Agents
red = Red Scorpions
purple = The Underworld
green = The AI

Special thanks to the creators of the universes: Ken Mitchell (Rings2, and co-host for both games) and donjon (Rings1)!
And thanks to Stuart for making Xtreme Borders.

ex-Rings1 host (and Macinti A.I.)
ex-Rings2 host

[edit: fixed links to maps]
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