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A tattered man looks like he wants to talk. From the looks of his clothes he has been wearing them for a long time. In fact, the smell gives that away immediately. Tis' a pity, sitting right next to him gives a first class set to at least 6 months of unwashed rim rifraff smell... uck!
His eyes quiver as he starts to speak.
"I hear you were interested in any news from the rim." said nasty man, "I was there. We had a colony on Data 9. 15 years we raised our families there. Now its ashes... I was returning from a courier run when I saw the ships destroying the surface installations. We were not rich! We had nothing...
After hiding, I could only think that I needed to identify who sent those ships. I followed them into hyperspace. They jumped to the Leviathan system... A huge Fleet... Thousands of ships... ships with no defined purpose. But I recognized one ship. It was a Vorlon ship! Those bastards killed my family and my world. Everythings destroyed. When I return to Free Mars, I will hunt them down as for the rest of my life..." The nasty man keeps talking, mumbling about the vorlons and how his mother never trusted them...

The idea that the Vorlons would destroy a colony is a little farfetched. But then again stranger things have happened. A little investigation should clear up any mess. It is possible that the colony was somehow tainted by the shadows... Hmm... Wonder what really happened...

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