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A human in a dusty red cloak sits down next to you-

"Water." he responds to the waitress' query as to what he would like.

"Such a luxury that all you types take for granted. On my world, you have to be rich to afford a bath, or even remove the tang from the water."

He leans over closer, and in a low whisper says "We won't have any problems with money though, if what I've heard is true. Number One says we've got new tech the likes of which Earth ain't ever seen. I hear it's based on that 'world mover' we bought to get away from Earth Alliance. Terraforms a planet from orbit- that's how come Mars is such a nice place nowdays- no more worries about oxygen and such."

He leans back in his chair, and says in avoice barely loud enough to hear over the background,
"Now you didn't hear it from me, but they're for sale, if any race can make a reasonable offer for 'em."

And they can get 'em quick too. If they have a jump gate near...

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