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The cafe' is dark this time of night. The music is too loud but that's good for business. The kind that requires privacy. At the same time, you can't be too careful. In the corner, an old man nurses a cup of jovian sunspot's while railing at the universe. His companion is somewhat quieter, the sort where you can look at him for hours but realise that you never did get a really good look at him.

"...its not what I think, its what I know...All my money is on the interstellar alliance. There's just too many of them for those fricken ancients to handle.
...The old ets have no understanding of what their in for. The prophets say, "the ancients are the old ones who stuck around to help the young races." only the truth is, those old farts don't have the slightest Idea of how to help anyone.
...They did not stay out of any gratitude, they stayed because they were too wimpy to go beyond the rim! They were not good enough or advanced enough! Hah!"

...VORLONS! Those vorlons may have powerful technology, but they don't care one wit for us lesser races. Look how they left us to fend for ourselves against the shadows and their allies! It took an act of the Ancients to stop the terror! All the vorlons care for is themselves!
...I have been to their territory, they have pretty strong defenses, but nothing like what I have seen the others use. If you ask me, those shadows will give them a huge KO punch soon, in face are already knocking them flat on their faces!
...Thats why we need to stick to each other. The lessers are better and should fight against the older races...

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