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Janes Ships of the Universe

Destroyer class
Name:Cleanliness is a grave disorder
Warp speed:?
Offensive ability:2 multibeam weapons
General functions:This little beauty is a fast, range 2 ship, exellent for sweeping mines and destroying multiple targets.
Races in Possession:Hyak, Centauri

Cruiser class
Warp speed:8-9
Offensive ability:4 Juggernaut Missiles, 3 Battle super computers
General functions:This is a heavy missle ship, designed to destroy capital ships with a few heavy punches. Fast striking ships with multiple layers of chaffe are necessary in order to evade heavy damage
Races in Possession:Centauri

Warp speed:?
Offensive ability:Power 66
General functions:This is a beam ship capable of moving into knife range and hitting with a heavy punch. Multiple ships of this type have been detected near Narn Space.
Races in Possession:Hyak, Drakh, Centauri, Shadows- Although not confirmed many Narn believe that the shadows have used these ships against them in their war against the darkness...

Rogue class
Warp speed:?
Offensive ability:?
General functions:It is not certain as to the exact nature of this ship. It is surmized that this is a supply and repair ship. While its capabilities are unknown, many of this type have been discovered near mine fields. The correlation is unknown but analyisis indicates it may provide some sort of support function.
Races in Possession:Hyak, Drakh, Centauri

Bomber Class
Name:Peace Keeper
Warp speed:?
Offensive ability:?
General functions:While extremely hard to detect, this ship has been sited near the Narn and Pak'ma'ra territories. Its weight and configuration can only indicate 1 of two things, its either a mineing ship or a bomber.
Races in Possession: Drakh, Centauri

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