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Rankings Explanation Fri, 10 September 2004 12:15 Go to previous message
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Player rankings have been updated and some of you may be surprised by the results, so I'd like to explain how I arrived at who was ranked how.

The victory conditions were as follows:

-Any individual race or combination of up to 4 races to produce 750k resources (187.5k per race)
-Tech 26 in all fields, split between up to 4 races
-Up to 6 discrete MT toys

Concerning resources: At the end, the HDFV team posted a total of approximately 192k resources, in-game positions 3, 5, 6, 7. The FUTZ team posted a total of approximately 187k resources, in-game positions 2, 4, 8, 9. This gave the HDFV the edge in resource production. Also of important note, the Staznagorians had 94k resources by themselves - meaning one race equaled half the resource production of a team of four, and were ranked #1 in-game as well. To me this was very impressive and warranted consideration for rank improvement.

Concerning Tech: The FUTZ team had a slight edge in tech (119 net levels) over the HDFV and Staz (101 net levels each).

Concerning MT: To my knowledge, all teams managed to intercept all MTs so I didn't consider MT toys as part of the winning conditions.

Final analysis: I gave resources the most weight for rank advancement purposes, as the game was economical in origin (tech being a function of a strong economy). Therefore, I gave the rank increase to the HDFV team, even though they weren't ranked as high in-game. Likewise, I decided to award a rank increase to Staz based on his outstanding performance without a supporting team. The FUTZ team, though strong, didn't have the resources of the HDFV, mainly due to players ranked #8 and #9 in-game (yes, I know one of them was me!). I believe that if the hostilities had worsened between FUTZ and HDFV, the galaxy would have been decimated with Staz quietly leading the way to victory. I would like to have awarded rank increases to two members of the FUTZ (Faerie and Uppis), but by rule teams must advance or not advance together. They certainly didn't warrant being penalized for their play, so they neither advanced nor lost rank.

Thanks for playing!

EDog of the Tarveys

Born, grew up, became an adventurer

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