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Game idea... "out of box races". Fri, 31 October 2003 12:48 Go to previous message


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It is just the game idea... for players who are intermediates or better and are a bit bored of playing the stock designs.

All PRT-s are allowed but race design has lot of rules starting from lesser traits. Most rules are very logical i think. Rest of the rules... there i just ban all the stock numbers and settings so it is out of box.

Exclamation One may not take IFE without taking CE too. Its logical they squeezed all out of their engines so now the engines obviously fail sometimes. Wink One may take CE without IFE however. Cool

Exclamation AR, PP or IT must take ISB. These guys have tinkered out so powerful orbital devices or outright living in them why they did not pay attention to hull? Sure they did.

Exclamation CA must have ARM and may not have OBRM. They can terraform remotely, they must be at top doing anything remotely. Wink

Exclamation If someone take TT he must have UR too. UR can be taken without TT of course.

Exclamation JOAT cannot take NAS. How can be there NAS to guys who have advanced scanner inbuilt in any scout? Same with PP, they have pen scanner in any packet so it cannot be they have NAS. Same goes with SS.

Exclamation Any race has to have bleeding edge technology. The technology companies simply sell the top edge stuff twice the price, nothing to do there.

Exclamation Gravity immunity is banned to all but AR Immunity to gravity? Rolling Eyes There cannot be such species that ignore gravity without living in orbital. OTOH AR must be immune at least to gravity. If you are in orbital ... why you care about gravity?

Exclamation Growth rates 19 and 18 are banned ... for HE growth rate 6 is banned.

Exclamation Pop efficiency may not be 1000 or 2500. For AR it may not be 10.

Exclamation Factories may not produce 5, 12 or 15 resources.

Exclamation Factories may not cost 7, 9 or 25 resources.

Exclamation There may not be 5, 16 or 21 factories operated.

Exclamation 10 mines may not mine 10 minerals.

Exclamation The mines must cost something else than 3.

Exclamation One may not have about as lot of mines operated as factories... that is if you have 15 factories operated you may not have 14 15 or 16 mines operated. The difference must be 2 at least.

Exclamation Weapons may only be 50% cheaper to races who take GR lesser trait.

Exclamation On the other hand no space faring race may be clumsy in researching propulsion. It may be 75% more expensive only if everything cost 75% more for that race.

All other suggestions and comments welcome. Smile I would first like to hear if you are interested and what you think of such game.

I am not starting to host it right now bit too busy maybe month or two later... but the idea has been for some time so if someone wants to host it just tell. Oh yes the game setup if i host it ... something more usual maybe like:

Galaxy size medium (may vote)
Galaxy density dense (may vote)
Player positions distant.

Number of players ... 10 or more.

Slow tech advances.
Accelerated BBS Play.
Galaxy clumping.

Victory ... only one may win by consensus of others or by highest score at turn 150.

updated ISB and ARM rules

[Updated on: Sat, 01 November 2003 13:33]

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