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Twelve Gates Summary Sat, 09 October 2004 21:36 Go to previous message
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Well the dust has settled on the Twelve (Was Thirteen) Gates Game. Now the Guild has moved on and left the Kwie (aka Shadow Whist) as the maintainer of the gates of the universe.

And its time for the host to step back and analyse this game a bit.

The Setup

Taking a look at the announcement of gen start, Jan 10, and the announcement of the game going public, Jan 20. I see 11 days for the gen, that time is basically a blur for me.

I genned and regenned to get an appropriate seed for 3 days, Jan 13 is the creation date of the xy.

After that it took 204 years to get my gateworlds ready and chase the MT and get the Jumpgate.

Sidenote: the MT Jumpgate was not given to me, I scrapped groups of MT Scouts on numerous occassions and finally in the end it payed off.

This time could have been slightly minimized by using a zero cost setup (or perhaps it could have been greatly minimized, if you can build MT Gate scrappers {have to check that})

During the game proper, the Gates opened for travel around 2620, and there was only one incident where the Guild actually attacked a fleet at a gateworld, and another was actually attacked and lost a Starbase.

I removed the rule for purchasing gate locations. Players needed to find gate locations totally by experimentation.

Fun Stuff Silly hair

  • Host intervention to slow invasions

    Greetings Fellow Races,

    As you may be aware, the Guild is experimenting with quantum-dimensional gating. We are aware of certain effects this has on traditional gates, and may render some gates inoperational for short periods of time.

    We assure you that if there is any interruption of service, it will only be temporary.

    We remind you of God's last message to his creation:

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Traveller's Guild
    We take you There

    Due to early observations I decided that some players were not ready for massive intrusion as of yet so for 25 years, I randomly removed gates from starbases or replaced them with any/300's resulting in non-jumps or destructive jumps or completed jumps on a random basis. [The players almost lynched me for this trick]

  • Easter Time

    Greetings Friends,

    The Easter Bunny has been hop-hop-hopping around our universe and has hid some easter eggs Purple bounce L Blue bounce Red bounce in plain sight for all good little races.

    You will need to look hard for these goodies because they are cloaked at 62%; however, you will know you have found some when you find a guild fleet composed of three mini-morph hulls. UFO In order to claim your prize just meet the fleet, and it will be transferred over to you assuming there is no other race present. Dueling

    Personally, we like easter eggs; they taste good with helium and mawmaws, of course your own preferences may be slightly different.

    Hurry! Supplies are limited! There are a dozen stashes of easter eggs in the hinterlands and no more will be made.

    Host/Guild note:
    These ships are not scrappable, if you wish to trade them in you may transfer them back to the guild and receive a credit of 1000Kt mins per ship.

    Traveller's Guild
    We take you There UFO abduction

    The Easter Egg was a Mini-Morph with Jumpgate, 2 Anti-matter Generators, and some Multi-Contained Munitions, with scanning and cloaking abilities. Essentially a ship that could continue at Warp 10 with no cost forever, or gate to a gate if it chose to. I was hoping the WM race would pick up on my broad hint but perhaps they were not able Sad The Kwie, surprisingly ferreted out most of these ships picking up 21 of the 36 Easter Eggs.

Overall, record-keeping was high for this game, requiring a lot of time for a quasi-inactive host. Tracking contributions from various races and ensuring they had appropriate technology levels for the requested JG Freighters took a lot of time. Also, tracking the battlespoils from the later battles and ensuring the race who won a battle got their spoils.

We tried working with freighters on the gateworlds but it didn't work fairly, there was always a question of which fleet gets the uploaded minerals, resulting in great confusion at times. So, I ended up just crediting the race in question with the mineral additions and then would transfer them or they could purchase JG Freighters with them.

This is the first time I have played an IT Race as an inactive host and it is very interesting.

Once a world has a gate, then basically you can consider all population and minerals as a massive pool and move them as you see fit.

For the future:
Despite saying I would not run this game again due to the massive setup time, I believe that with zero-cost setup the time would be greatly reduced. I would consider running this game again but not until Octagon V has run Smile


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