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Rules Wed, 07 January 2004 12:18 Go to previous message
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I'll keep the rules here, and update them if (more likely when) they change.

Network planets:

Please do not keep ships in orbit of the network planets, the reason for this is that the distributions are cloaked so that you cannot tell where other people's shipments are going. Posting a scout at a network planet would give you that information.

A suitable punishment will be applied if you do, for the first offense, I will send a message to everyone letting them know what you have there. If no one goes there, then there should be no reason for anyone else to go there.

If you are an SD and are going to detonate a mine over any of these worlds that is acceptable, however, I would appreciate advance notice.

If you find that you really want one of these worlds, some of them are up for a suitable nearby trade.
Here is the list:
Scotts Valley

Double Tall Skinny

The bottom 6 are not possible to trade for.

Trading world rules:

Send an ingame proposing a trade, list the world you are interested in, and a few other options, I'll either accept one of them, suggest an alternate, or say that nothing looks good nearby. I will not look at worlds occupied by anyone else, so if you clear a few worlds, you could ask again. Please note, that if you ask in one turn, and I reply, make sure to remind me what you're asking for in any later comminications. I do not guarentee that I will remember anything discussed earlier.

If a trade is accepted, then how it works is I'll announce the trade, then for 3 turns you have to keep at least one ship in orbit of the world being traded, as well as keeping every one else out of the orbit. If you do that, then the trade starts, I'll colonize it. Then work will start on evacuating my world, including bombing away the factories and mines I've built, as well as reversing the terraforming as much as I can.

Mineral Distribution rules:

Everyone gets 100 drops of 1188 (1% delivery tax deducted) per year. They can be captured.

Every year you may make one shift from one world you occupy to another world you occupy. If you are shifting 'owned' or 'free' drops, you may shift up to five drops in that one shift. If you are shifting 'captured' drops, you may only shift one drop in that shift. There is a maximum of 25 drops to any world execpt your home world. Send the shift via an ingame message to the IT that is currently doing the drop that you want shifted. Execpt for 'captured' drops below, do not worry about the distance between the old and the new drop worlds.

Drops will occur every 2 to 10 years (always even, it's a two way trip from my network world to your drop world). They will drop 2 to 10 years worth of drops each trip. When you order a shift, and the current delivery fleet is going to the drop site, the current amount will continue on to the old world, and a fleet will head from the network world to your new drop site, that may take up to 5 years to arrive. If the current fleet is heading back for a reload, it will return to the network world first, and then head for the new world, so it may take longer then 5 years for the first drop to arrive.

If you occupy a world that has some one elses drops going to it, congratulations, you now have 'captured' drops. You may use your shift to move one 'captured' drop a turn, with restrictions: only 200ly jumps, and the last 'captured' drop at a world may not be shifted.

When one of these 3 conditions are met:
A race has no pop left (either on a world in in ships).
All of a race's drops are controlled by other players.
A race controls no drops for 3 turns.

Their races become 'free', and the restrictions are lifted, even if some one else captures it. If the original owner manages to recapture any of them, they become 'owned' again.

Format for a change is: "Change <number> [owned|captured|free] drops from <old drop point> to <new drop point>" Only specify captured or free if you have that kind of drop and want to shift it. Change requests that are invalid will not be honored. Change requests that do not meet the format may not be honored. Ask if you have any questions.

Misc rules:

If you are going to be missing turns, please let me know as soon as possible, advance notice will be appreciated.

If you miss two turns without notification, I will start looking for a replacement. In this case, the replacement player will have the option to keep the race even if you do return.

If you change your password, please let me know as well, this makes it much easier to find a replacement. Besides, I want to look at some of the more impressive battles too Smile

If you want your files emailed to you, or want your upload pw changed, let me know, changing them is easy.

[Updated on: Sat, 12 June 2004 23:01]

- LEit

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