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Forum: VML lounge
 Topic: Anyway to modify AI races?
Anyway to modify AI races? Mon, 05 March 2007 05:40
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Anyone ever tried that or thought about?

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 Topic: VML development stopped
VML development stopped Sun, 05 September 2004 07:12
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Fellow Stars! players,

since from time to time I do recieve questions concerning VML via e-mail, I have decided to make the following statements:

- VML development ceased more than a year ago
- the latest version developed (by myself) was v1.3b
- the corresponding website is down
- the mailing list is not active any more

Generally speaking, I am not involved with Stars! any more (though I dont say that wont change again in the future). IOW I dont play any more or develop anything or keep up with the postings on rgcs or sumsuch. Still, if anybody has a question, I will try my best to give an appropriate answer.

Thanks everyone for your interest in VML and for the happy times I had playing Stars! with you guys (I'll never forget my girlfriend informing me the next morning, that I was speaking during sleep when I awaited my fist major Stars! battle - seemingly I said: Darling, type in the password Very Happy ).

Verker ||¬]

verker@iname.donotspamhere.com remove the obvious for mailing me

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 Topic: VML?
VML? Tue, 16 March 2004 16:27
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I have been away from stars for a while. Is VML still alive? I enjoyed the VML duel that I played about a year ago. Confused

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 Topic: Stars! AutoHost and VML games
icon4.gif  Stars! AutoHost and VML games Thu, 30 January 2003 21:02
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StarEd and VML mod-files modify the stars.exe file.

Mare Crisium and Jeff McBride will not offer help or support for any problems caused by a modified .exe file.

Because of this, and because there is no "standard" VML mod-file, Stars! AutoHost will NOT host VML games.

If I allow one, then I'll have to allow more and I don't have the space/resources etc to handle it.

(thanks for freakyboy for the idea of a separate VML area)

[Updated on: Thu, 30 January 2003 21:03]

Ron Miller
Stars! AutoHost

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