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Forum: The Academy
 Topic: Disposable income
Disposable income Mon, 02 March 2020 04:44
magic9mushroom is currently offline magic9mushroom


Messages: 1314
Registered: May 2008
There are more than a few guides and posts around the place that make reference to the concept of "disposable income". Some people don't entirely understand what that is, and I must confess I didn't really get it - at least in the case of AR - until relatively recently. So, I'm writing a bit about it.

What is disposable income? It's the portion of your resources (both in the strict Stars! sense and to a lesser degree minerals) that you can throw down the drain (in any of various ways) without adversely affecting your economic growth. You can do anything you like with these resources and your curve won't know the difference (unless you get invaded Razz).

So, in the strict sense, disposable income is resources you can't spend on your economy. In a slightly looser sense, it's resources you can't spend on your economy with an appreciable rate of return.

What counts as spending resources on your economy? In rough order of directness, and assuming a relatively-standard race:

*Factories (directly gives resources)
*Mines (to improve your mineral output, which improves how many factories you can build)
*Terraforming (to improve your pop growth, which improves your future resources)
*Freighters (up to the amount you need to manage your pop and - for factoried races - Germanium; this is to improve your pop growth and to improve how many factories you can build)
*Colony ships (to give valid targets for your freighters)
*Scouts (to find targets for the colony ships)
*Economic technology research (i.e. that necessary to unlock better terraforming and better freighters, up to the point at which each is sufficient for current purposes)

(Note that some of these also need minerals; those minerals aren't disposable.)

Everything you can't spend productively on any of those is disposable income. In theory, nobody has disposable income until they've maxed out their terraforming tech and have the best freighters possible at maximum miniaturisation, but the last levels of terraforming don't have an especially-high rate of return (unless you're CA) and neither does freighter research beyond "LF that can go Warp 9 with a decent load" or even "privateer that can go Warp 9 without a zillion boosters".

Of course, removing some of these from the equation will increase your fraction of disposable resources. Some examples:

*-f don't need to build factories (which also drastically reduces "economic" mineral demand and thus the need for mines)
*CA don't need to build terraforming
*IFE and HE don't need to research Prop 9 to get "good enough" freighters

And now of course we come to the trap: Alternate Reality.

It's easy to think that AR has a ton of disposable income since they have no planetary installations. It's also wrong. Here's what you can do as AR to better your economy, again in rough order of directness:

*Research Energy (directly gives resources)
*Terraforming (directly gives resources and improves pop growth)
*Colony ships (to spread your population, which directly gives resources, as well as getting more minerals)
*Bigger starbases (to improve your pop growth, which improves your future resources)
*Freighters (to manage your pop and thus improve your pop growth, as well as recycle colony-ship minerals; there's also a direct spreading effect but it's not super-huge)
*Economic tech besides Energy (unlocks terraforming and bigger starbases)
*Remote miners (to get more minerals, although AR's innate mining fulfils most of its economic needs if you're good at recycling)
*Scouts (to find targets for the colony ships)

That's a different list, but it's still quite a list, and two of them (Energy and colony ships) are extremely open-ended and can be built by any planet. In the strict sense, therefore, an AR has zero disposable income until they reach Energy 26 and have colonised every planet available. In the looser sense, they still need to colonise every planet available (Pinta-ing a red has a payback time in resources of ~3 turns + travel time with Ener

[Updated on: Mon, 02 March 2020 05:12]

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 Topic: PSA: Galaxy Scoop makes fuel at Warp 9
PSA: Galaxy Scoop makes fuel at Warp 9 Sat, 02 September 2017 21:40
magic9mushroom is currently offline magic9mushroom


Messages: 1314
Registered: May 2008
There has been a statement going around (it was in the wiki, for instance) that the Galaxy Scoop doesn't actually generate fuel at Warp 9. This used to be true, but it was fixed in 2.6j/2.7j RC1; as the only versions still in use are 2.7j RC3 and 2.6j RC4, the Galaxy Scoop does indeed generate 1 mg/ly in current versions of Stars!.

I have edited the wiki article accordingly.

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 Topic: Posey excel sheet
Posey excel sheet Thu, 21 January 2010 14:38
mlaub is currently offline mlaub


Messages: 744
Registered: November 2003
Location: MN, USA
I have an addition to the "minefield" tab on the Posey sheets. I added a little calculator for single ship minefield damage.

For all you math whizzes out there, please check to make sure I did every thing right.

Also,I might add a multiple design calculator later...

http://www.fileswap.com/share/4b09e6083f35de5fb02c99091a6b48 2e/replacement-minefields.zip.html


Global Warming - A climatic change eagerly awaited by most Minnesotans.

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 Topic: Funny Bug... when the scannerless is better than the scanner!
Funny Bug... when the scannerless is better than the scanner! Sun, 17 September 2006 11:37
multilis is currently offline multilis

Lt. Commander

Messages: 789
Registered: October 2003
Location: Edmonton, Canada
I just looked at my turn in current game (Not Too Busy for Stars). I visited a certain AR world called Deacon, and got pop reading of 246400 from his orbital fort, thanks to a short visit by my flak!

Correction: Turn before my last reading from planet was his former IS buddy (who is dead/has dropped) with that exact pop level so likely artifact reading.

[Updated on: Sun, 17 September 2006 11:42]

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 Topic: Engine Safe Speed & Battle Speed
icon1.gif  Engine Safe Speed & Battle Speed Thu, 06 July 2006 07:20
m.a@stars is currently offline m.a@stars


Messages: 2760
Registered: October 2004
Location: Third star to the left
Greetings, fellow space travelers, Smile

I recently dug out a few tidbits from ancient rgcs posts. Sherlock I'm posting them here for their possible interest to modders, tinkerers, and/or clone coders. Very Happy

The Battle Speed for any given engine is determined by its fuel consumption at every warp. The "Best" Speed will be the last warp *before* fuel consumption rises above 120% (as the Stars! helpfile hints). Some rgcs posts mention 125% or even higher, so tests with modded fuelusage tables would be welcome. That "ideal" warp will be used to compute Movement points in the Battleboard.

Battle Movement (for the engine alone) = (ideal_warp - 2) / 4. So, Warp6 gives 1 square of movement, and every warp above it gives another 1/4 square. The full Movement Formula (for a ship design) is outside the scope of this post. Whip

For some engines, that Battle Speed should be 10, but is only 9. Why? Because they're unsafe at warp 10. And it seems "Warp10-safety" is determined thru fuel consumption, too. Sherlock Thus, any engine that burns fuel over a 105% "safe" rate will be unsafe for Warp10 travel. The cutoff isn't clearly stated, but 108% fuel consumption makes an engine unsafe, so the margins are small.

Enjoy, Disco

So many Stars, so few Missiles!

In space no one can hear you scheme! Deal

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 Topic: Mineral depletion
Mineral depletion Wed, 25 May 2005 17:38


Messages: 1227
Registered: May 2003
Ages ago Jason Cawley wrote in RGCS newsgroup about minerals per concentration point (if mined with remote miners or 10 efficency mines):

> So my guess is it is supposed to be something like this ->
> con greater than 30 -> 12500 kT * ln (starting con/ending con)
> less than 30, greater than 3 -> 456 kT per point

Later there were made tests that from 4 to 3 and from 3 to 2 were about 1000 kT minerals and from 2 to 1 about 2000 kT of minerals.
On case the mine efficiency is not 10 then these amounts have to be multiplied with mine efficiency/10.
It seemed correct enough back then. Nod

My recent testing however shows that the logarithmic formula does not fit for concentrations above 100. There seems to be like 123 or 124 kT of minerals per point above 100. I am not sure if it was always so or only in latest patches. Confused

The maximum mineral conc possible seems to be 200 (even huge comet does not push it higher). Very Happy

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 Topic: Disengage in 8 moves
Disengage in 8 moves Wed, 24 November 2004 16:55
Staz is currently offline Staz


Messages: 514
Registered: November 2003
Location: UK
LEit mentioned to me that ships disengage after 8 moves rather than 7 as mentioned in the help file. To confirm this I fired up the game and gave it a try - the battle viewer showed my scout with tactic "Disengage in 7 moves", so I thought "phoey - what does LEit know anyway ?".

I've just looked a bit closer, and noticed that after the 1st move the scout still says "Disengage in 7 moves". After that it does count down though. So, LEit was right, and disengaging takes 8 moves. The help file and the battle viewer are wrong Smile

Jason Cawley mentioned this in rgcs on 26 Feb 1997, so it's not exactly news, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

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 Topic: Favorite PRT
Favorite PRT Sat, 11 September 2004 05:36
dejan is currently offline dejan

Crewman 1st Class

Messages: 25
Registered: August 2004
Location: Belgrade, Serbia, Europe,...

What is your favorite PRT[ 39 votes ]
1. HE 1 / 3%
2. SS 4 / 10%
3. WM 3 / 8%
4. CA 2 / 5%
5. IS 2 / 5%
6. PP 1 / 3%
7. SD 4 / 10%
8. IT 10 / 26%
9. AR 7 / 18%
10. JOAT 5 / 13%

regardless of which prt is the strongest one. Which one you like to play all the time.

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 Topic: Universe size info
Universe size info Sat, 23 November 2002 02:50

Lt. Commander

BlueTurbit died Oct. 20, 2011

Messages: 835
Registered: October 2002
Location: Heart of Texas
Picked this up somewhere (newsgroup?) once:

Here is the number of planets / density information for all
universes, credited to Leonard Dickens.

Number of planets in a galaxy.

These numbers are not exact, actual number of planets may vary by
1 in a tiny/sparse, or 6+ in a huge/packed

Number of stars
Small ___96____128___160___240
Medium 216____288___360___540
Huge __600____800___940___945

Edge(ly) Area(ly^2)
Tiny 400 160K
Small 800 640K
Medium 1200 1440K
Large 1600 2560K
Huge 2000 4000K

Density of stars (#stars/10000ly^2)
Sparse Normal Dense Packed
T/S/M 1.5 2.00 2.50 3.75
Large 1.5 2.00 2.50 3.55
Huge 1.5 2.00 2.35 2.36

BlueTurbit Country/Rock

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Forum: The Bar
 Topic: Recording battles, new try
Recording battles, new try Sun, 14 October 2018 19:05
Altruist is currently offline Altruist


Messages: 1068
Registered: August 2005
Location: Berlin
Last topics about recording Stars battles are quite a few years old and didn't really help me.

What would be a good, easy (and if possible open source) software to record Stars battles when Stars runs within a virtual xp?

I tried fraps but got error messages due to too old directx-versions. Since I am one of the few non-programers (just a peaceful wargame despising antiquarian *grin) playing Stars I haven't really a clou wether those can be even updated in a virtual xp nor wether this would really help.

[Updated on: Sun, 14 October 2018 19:05]

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 Topic: Hope for Android...
Hope for Android... Fri, 19 January 2018 10:32
XAPBob is currently offline XAPBob

Lt. Commander

Messages: 956
Registered: August 2012
https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/01/19/wine_is_not_an_emul ator_3/

I've long run Stars! under WINE. If they have WINE/Android working well, then it might be nice and easy to get Stars! running there.
Bluetooth keyboard and a USB OTG mouse connection and I found it quite ok, although a bit slow to render the map - but that was a few years ago... CPUs have improved....

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 Topic: Anyone up for a Quickie?
Anyone up for a Quickie? Sun, 05 November 2017 16:08
talkingbologna is currently offline talkingbologna

Senior Chief Petty Officer

Messages: 86
Registered: November 2016
Location: 1947
Now that I've hammered when's when with this job-o-mine, I'd like to start playing again. Would anybody care for a fast game over a Saturday evening?

I was thinking a blitz with standard rules:

-Distant Starts
-No Random
-Play every 4 turns till year 40, every 2 till year 60, and every turn thereafter
-10 minutes/turn


Standard cheat disclaimer:
- Chaff
- Split Fleet Dodge
- Merge Fleets After Gating
- Mine Damage Dodge

Turns filed via GMail or something.

Edit: doesn't have to be a blitz.

[Updated on: Mon, 06 November 2017 19:31]

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 Topic: Replacement needed
Replacement needed Fri, 22 January 2016 22:43
vmanuel is currently offline vmanuel

Chief Warrant Officer 2

Messages: 173
Registered: October 2004
Location: Dallas, TX USA
I need a replacement for a player in the game I'm hosting. Well placed, one ally, many enemies. Who's up for a challenge? Email me at eyityotg at gmail com


Editor in Chief of the Kaynan Space News.
All Space, All The Time - Kaynan!

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 Topic: Facebook Page
Facebook Page Sat, 11 April 2015 13:54
GameHost is currently offline GameHost

Crewman 2nd Class

Messages: 10
Registered: July 2006
Location: USA
After a little more than a one year break in playing and hosting Stars! games, I have decided to begin again. In the process I created a group on Facebook:


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 Topic: New beginner/intermediate game reqd!
New beginner/intermediate game reqd! Fri, 11 April 2014 22:36


Messages: 1590
Registered: January 2011
Location: GMT +5.5

1 week counter to show possible players for a new game..[ 3 votes ]
1. Interested 3 / 100%

I recently sent out an email to a number of Stars! players that I've played over the years for a replacement.
I was very pleasantly surprised to see the number of players who were interested in getting their feet wet once again.

I found my replacement, but I think we could do with a new beginner/intermediate game for returning players.

I find myself missing Altruist's FA series games and I did ask him about FA9 .. so if that's going up, awesome!
If not, then someone should throw up a regular vanilla style, simple alliances type game up.

ps - I am shying away from it myself for now, I know.

[Updated on: Fri, 11 April 2014 22:40]

I know my minefields.. but I'm a chaff sweeper.
I used to curse when I got stuck in traffic... till I realised I AM traffic.

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 Topic: Replacement Player Needed
Replacement Player Needed Wed, 25 September 2013 02:45


Messages: 1112
Registered: April 2008
Location: SW3 & 10023
Email damarae1 at gmail for more details

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 Topic: Replacement needed for DD5
Replacement needed for DD5 Tue, 24 September 2013 18:07
Eagle of Fire

Lt. Commander

Messages: 809
Registered: December 2008
Location: GMT -5

I am in need for a replacement for the game DD5. I've had so many set backs from schedule problems that I'm not interested in playing this game anymore. Both because this is turning out to be the worse game I've played in this regard so far and because bad involvement is bad both for the game as a whole and my ally.

This is a no diplomacy, 2 players based team game. Because of the nature of the game I'm not open to tell any details about my race so if you are interested to take over and keep the game alive please send me a PM.

Thank you.


STARS! Wiki Fran├žais
I am on a hot streak... Literally.

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 Topic: We should try to get Stars! on Good Old Games
icon3.gif  We should try to get Stars! on Good Old Games Sat, 26 January 2013 11:53
FurFuznel is currently offline FurFuznel

Lt. Junior Grade
Stars! Nova developer
Stars! Nova developer

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Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Greetings everyone;

Good Old Games is a wonderful place to track down and buy classic games that have been modified to allow them to work on newer machines. As a registered member of the site it is possible to vote for games that you would like to see made available on the site. If a bunch of us vote to have Stars! added maybe we could get them to add it to their system.

See you out among the Stars!


Shadallark <==> FurFuznel
Mental anguish is for those who choose to think - FurFuznel
running Mac OS X 10.6.7

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 Topic: Replacement player needed for Dynamic Duos 4.
Replacement player needed for Dynamic Duos 4. Sun, 06 January 2013 18:01
ManicLurch is currently offline ManicLurch

Lt. Junior Grade

Messages: 462
Registered: May 2009
We need a replacement player for this game. This is a team game and a no communication game, so I don't know any details about how this race is sitting. If interested, I will get you in touch with your partner and he can fill you in on the details.


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 Topic: Replacement needed for Classic Capers
Replacement needed for Classic Capers Sat, 14 July 2012 08:31
Combat is currently offline Combat

Warrant Officer

Messages: 118
Registered: May 2008
I cannot maintain the current pace of the game for another two months due to real life. My race is currently in 1st place with 1 ally. Also at war with 2 other players and taking quite a pounding. Race is HE and very MM intensive so make sure you have plenty of free time.

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster...when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you.

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 Topic: Replacement player required - Stone Age Slog
Replacement player required - Stone Age Slog Fri, 15 June 2012 12:05
Eagle of Fire

Lt. Commander

Messages: 809
Registered: December 2008
Location: GMT -5

Long hiatus because of a bug hunt combined with a player dropping out resulted in a very long time without any of us sending turns. I think it been well over 3 weeks that I didn't even open a single STARS! turn because of this and unfortunately for me something came up IRL and is taking all the time I would normally have to play this game.

I tried to find time but ended up missing the last two turns. This is unacceptable and I am thus forced to conclude that I cannot continue playing and need to find a replacement.

Game: Stone Age Slog
Player #12: The Metropolitans
Situation: This race is well established and is in position to do about anything right now. A good alliance and good neighbors plus nice starting position near the border place the race territory in a safe haven. Great possibility for research late game with forced BET for every player placing research and tech exchange at a premium.
Files: I have every single turn since day one (except maybe one or two times I skipped a turn) backed up on my HD, plus a Notebook file listing all the important info I gathered so far. Great map on the Notebook files, covering almost the complete universe.

Please contact me ASAP if you are interested. This game have been placed on hold for too long already and I'd hate to have to hold it again.

STARS! Wiki Fran├žais
I am on a hot streak... Literally.

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 Topic: Replacement Player V2012
Replacement Player V2012 Fri, 15 June 2012 01:53
dlrichert is currently offline dlrichert

Warrant Officer

Messages: 134
Registered: January 2012
Location: US
Replacement player needed. Year 2480. Mid ranked IT race with 12 active players. Like usual friends and enemies. Send private message for more details.

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 Topic: Google+ page
Google+ page Wed, 09 November 2011 19:20


Messages: 1343
Registered: November 2002
Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

Google+ page

Still very experimental, as is Google+ in general for most, but its a start.

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 Topic: Stars Spreadsheet bug.
Stars Spreadsheet bug. Wed, 23 February 2011 06:00
magic9mushroom is currently offline magic9mushroom


Messages: 1314
Registered: May 2008
I have version 2.20.

The "Colony" section doesn't properly handle the situation in which a colony's resources are insufficient to produce 1 factory/turn and there isn't much G on the surface.

The issue is that it deducts the current "amount of factories completed this turn" from the Germanium stocks, but said "amount of factories completed this turn" has the full fraction of the current factory, ignoring the fact that parts of that factory may have been completed on previous turns. This falsely bleeds off "G on surface".

It also drops the current factory if G becomes insufficient due to the aforementioned bug, which then bleeds off resources.

I believe this would also bleed off G and resources on larger planets, but the results are nowhere near as striking.

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 Topic: Not about stars , maybe some help
Not about stars , maybe some help Sun, 31 October 2010 14:04
ccmaster is currently offline ccmaster

Lt. Commander
Dueling Club Administrator

Messages: 934
Registered: November 2002
Location: Germany

Hi all around,

I have a little question to the community what is not about the game Stars! . So everyone who is not interrested in reading about thinks what are not Stars stop reading now.

My Aunt and Parents have asked me if I know some people around in the internet to help my aunt by a voting she made it. I sayed that I know there some people and will give the link to them. So here is a link for the voting of my aunt ( Ute Decker).

So if you have a little bit time it would be real nice. The page is in german but eas to vote so everyone could do it in about 3 seconds.

Thanks for your help.

http://woman.brigitte.de/schoenheit/mode/ohne-models-woman-a bstimmung-8-1070784/6.html


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