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Stool Pigeon Sat, 30 November 2002 21:19

Lt. Commander

BlueTurbit died Oct. 20, 2011

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Registered: October 2002
Location: Heart of Texas
Stool pigeon
"Aye, captain, Lt. Pigeon here. Captain, we are having problems on Cattlecar Galactica again"
"Waz happening up there?"
"Well, sir, the automated vacuum toilet system backfired again."
"Well, sonny, try to keep one good eye on the situation."
"Aye, sir. Oh, and captain, cancel that last order for the wallpaper and send us a couple hundred cases of that orange-plus cleaner stuff instead."
"Alrighty, sonny. Until next time, keep yer nose clean. And until you get that problem fixed up there, keep one hand on the helm and the other on the tissue box. And don't get discouraged, remember... When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty. Out here."

BlueTurbit Country/Rock

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