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Races in non compliance Tue, 10 June 2003 15:12
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Greetings to all you lesser beings, it is I Shadall, creator of the Universe, deigning to send this message to you!

Some of my peons have brought it to my attention that not all of the races invited in to my Universe have set their diplomatic relations appropriately. This is a reminder that my peon race called the Shadallhawks (Player #2) are not to be harmed, and to that end all races are very strongly urged to set their diplomatic relations with my peon race to friendly. Strict punishment shall be dished out to those who harm my peon race!

If you feel that I am being...

Excuse me oh great exalted one.

What is it peon, you are interrupting my tirade?

I thought it might be nice of you to suggest that they also set their partner race to friendly so they do not accidently kill each other.

Bt.. udht... djuff... {spit} Did you say nice? Where in my job description was it listed that I was going to be nice, all that I care about is that my peons do not get killed, as they are required to serve me.

Uhmm.. as you wish!

Get out of my sight before I have you terminated!

I thought you were omniscient? Where can I go to be out of your sight?

{sigh} You have totally ruined my tirade at the races of the universe, go volunteer to be the captain of the next scout ship sent out from A'po.

On my way!

Rolling Eyes How did I ever let myself purchase such annoyingly friendly peons. I should have realized that there was something wrong with them when I saw that discount price.

Anyway, all you races be careful in your dealings with my peons.


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