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Explanation of Recent Events Wed, 28 May 2003 07:16
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Quick run-through of the hosting issue of the last few days:

1. Put game on hold on Sunday night for the Memorial Day Holiday. Plan was to take it off hold at the regular gen time on Tuesday, or when everyone had submitted.

2. Everyone had submitted by about 6:30 pm (US EST) on Tuesday - which is 3 1/2 hours ahead of the deadline. I even had an email from the last person submitting notifying me of such.

3. I took the game off hold. It immediately genned the 2441 turn (which is good). It also set the next gen deadline for 10:00 pm EST that night; i.e. 3 1/2 hours aways (which is bad.)

4. I immediately put the game on hold. Plan was to take it off hold after 10 pm EST so that the new deadline would be correct.

5. Took the game off hold at 10:05 pm EST. It immediately genned the 2442 turn (which is bad). It also set the next gen deadline for 10:00 pm the next night (which is bad).

6. I immediately restored the 2441 turn. Which also put the game on hold.

7. I took the game off hold. I also sent an email to all players telling them to play the 2441 turn and discard the 2442 turn that had been inadvertantly made.

8. I made a note that the next time I needed to play games like this I should mess with the schedule instead of using the hold option...

- Kurt

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