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Re: pop management, 50% "cutoff" Sat, 25 May 2019 23:45 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I managed to solve the resource integral hold for AR. Optimal hold is at 21/50 + sqrt(41)/50, or roughly 54.8% (about 1.64 million on a Death Star). Yes, it's higher than for a normal race; because filling worlds isn't as favourable, there's not as much of a rush and as such the resources at hold matter more.

Do note that this is assuming you're not researching energy at all during this period, for reasons outlined above. Also assuming you don't have something better to do with your pop than fill worlds, which isn't all that likely for AR (build reds/yellows, rebuilding all the planets your neighbour is killing, building new planets you're taking from said neighbour...). It is also the optimum hold for breeding to keep reds/yellows topped off, though.

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Re: pop management, 50% "cutoff" Wed, 29 May 2019 11:11 Go to previous message
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magic9mushroom wrote on Thu, 22 May 2014 05:39
[...] 42% just happens to have the same growth as 25%. There's nothing especially worthy about that hold level; it's definitively NOT the maximum resource integral. I would ask you, and anyone else, to PLEASE stop spreading misinformation like this.

Well, while I certainly wasn't the first, I guess I might be the one responsiblle for spreading it the most in the last 10 years. Almost every newbie going thru one or several of the Fledgling Admiral games was more or less expected to read the following:
First some catchwords:
  1. Purpose of colonisation: economical - strategical
  2. When to colonise: 25%: greens - 33%: yellows - 42%: filling up low-hab planets
  3. How to colonise: in stealth - with speed - in force

magic9mushroom is mathematically absolutely correct.
And if you are not only mathe-minded enough to figure it out but also have the time to do so while playing your first Stars-game vs. Humans while being forced to learn so much stuff, you have certainly grasped what you are doing and why and then you are (probably) ready to emancipate your game style from those crude first helping numbers.

Until then and what I tried to hammer into the newbie heads, the most important learning lesson is that growth is neither eternal nor linear but limited and dynamic ("relative" would phrase it even better but such a concept is already rather for the intermediate level and beyond):
1) upto 25%: wait with expansion, concentrate on HW
2) 25-33%: rapid expansion
3) 33-42%: expansion slows down due to distance from HW and/or running out of space due to enemies/borders
4) above 42%: follow up expansion on secondary/tertiary planet targets... and/or doing something about this "borders"

For an experienced player those different stages are ingrained and basically the essence of Stars, while for a newbie this is the most difficult to grasp concept since they can't rely on experience and even if they know about/have heard about it... how to really identify in what stage you are?
Those numbers I gave to newbie players as easy additional indications that when they go beyond those numbers, they (most likely) enter a different stage which again should lead them to lean back, to look at the broader situation, a new assessment, a different class of planets might also get colonized, new ships might needed, new tech, more conflict or diplomacy might kick in.

You might notice that I did not even mentioned 50% as a "helping" number. FA-games are small and rather crowded, so when your HW is at 50% you are supposed to be and usually are... at war.

To sum it up:
magic9mushroom, being correct is not always also helpful *grin
But, of course, it depends on the context, what's fine here, number crunching or whatever, is often not so in a newbie context... and thus, while agreeing with you, I won't change a iota from my newbie posts *even wider grin

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