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The Bug Report 2442 Mon, 06 April 2009 10:27
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MT sightings? This intrepid reporter has tracked down some recent reports and declares that they are unfounded. There are no conformed MY sightings yet, but rest assured that this reporter will let you know as soon as one is confirmed.

It is speculated that MT rumors were started by races that have recently been falling behind in the technology race. Apparently these races are hoping for a MT to show up to help them catch up.

Random events seems to be running at a high pace, with three system having received tragic alterations in the past 42 years.

The apparent peace talks between the Maera/Mucelium and Sofian/Ellurid alliances have again ended with nothing more than mud slinging. This bug asserts that this is a waste of good mud, which would be much better used building more nests.

The -Rancor-Universal-Ending-Of-The-NAP-Declaration was initially met with glee by other greedy races, but apparently all other races have been too busy with their own conflicts to take advantage of the -Rancor- attempted political suicide.

Ambassador salaries have take another jump, as demand for these workers has again risen. Communication between the five alliances is at an all-time high as most races jockey for better political positions.

Signing out for now,
Blue-Bug-Eyes, Chief Fly on the Wall

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