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The Foodfight Story Tue, 02 May 2006 21:40

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The Foodfight Story: (Posted here as well as send in email so it can be found by other curious readers.)

Lesson learned: Do not play PP in an expert game, especially when you have never played it before!

Why PP? I had looked at PP just before the game started. I had built a race that I was planning to use in a duel, and then this game showed up. It was close enough distance between races that I thought a PP might do well.

The Game:

I started out fairly early talking with Q (Quartez). I was VERY surprised to find that he also was PP! And we had Habs that did not overlap very much. We were set to friend early.

One of my best skills is population management, so I grew and expanded fairly quickly. Since I did not need to build factories, I was able to get large freighters and decent speed packets soon also.

The alliance looked great because Q was HP, and I was –f. So in theory I could grow quickly and expand borders, while Q grew factories supplied with my Germanium. In the end game Q would be the major force, with me helping. I did well initially, and was in rank 3-6 for the first half of the game. Then I had no more room to expand.

That HP/-f alliance was a great theory, except that as an HP, Q was fairly vulnerable to attack. Before long nRav and Bukane were both attacking him. I was in a position where I could not help much, as I was fighting off both Atari and Rzec by myself. I think I managed fairly well against those two, but I started to take losses on the Bukane/nRav border, and Q was getting pummeled. By the time I had pushed back Atari and nRav, Q was in a terrible state.

Then the down side of the –f began to hurt. Bukane was building big fleets and my resources could just not keep up. Bukane and nRav started taking more and more of my planets. Rzec and Q dropped out, and Atari and I started to work together, but it was much too late.

Most annoying (and effective) tactic: Bukane or nRav stealing all the Ironium off a planet before attacking, so not much could be built in last minute defense.

Bukane and nRav played very well. They cut through me very quickly, and were very effective and efficient.

I was a bit surprised that I did well against Atari and Rzec, as they were both IS, and I expected them to pull up all their pop whenever I sent a packet. Since at many stages I did not have enough missile ships to take out the freighters, this would have worked very well against me.

I really liked the packet scanning, and would suggest it be used by any PP, rather than waiting until later in the game to reveal the PRT. Overall fun, but too expensive to keep up with other races.

Overall an excellent game with a good finish.

The questions:

1) I thought the game settings were good. I would not change any, but would be open to changing of many settings in a new game, but NOT the size getting larger,.

2) Quality of players: I learned some things from Bukane and nRav, so in my judgement that makes them very good. I did not walk over any other players, so none were poor.

3) Overall I like the “One Ally” rule, though I might lighten up the ability to switch allies

4) I would play again, though not yet, maybe in a few months.

And for those that are interested, my name is Eric Derby, most often seen in team games with Micha and Gianluca, and known as Raindancer on the forum. If anyone wants to see the remains of my crumbled empire, my password is “Finland” and my upload password is “food”

Food is for eating? Since when?
- Rocket Roy

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