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Tendency of boredom? Mon, 27 January 2003 20:22 Go to next message

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Having played few games with SD I noticed they're too strong to be interesting anymore.

People say it's a non-econ PRT, but with it's boosted RW points and mines to protect Your freights, You can easily make an econ strong race from the start.

Spoil mid-game pop and min balancing for other races by sending cloaked SMLs to their space. Don't want to start a conflict? Give Your layers to their enemies. OK, no detonation, but every year those mins and pop are delayed is a happy year.

The end-game war being difficult to any race, SDs can laugh sending a wave of cloaked sweepers at w6. While Your fleets take out open planets, You have other open in distance of ~w9.

That being said, SD is just too easy. Ofc, MM is intense, but that's why I like this game.

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icon3.gif  Re: Tendency of boredom? Fri, 14 February 2003 06:58 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I have to agree with you 110%! Sorry it is late :P: Not much else to add so will stop while I am a head Wink!

No Matter what happens GOD is in Control and knew it was going to happen!

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Re: Tendency of boredom? Fri, 28 February 2003 13:46 Go to previous message
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So, you could try to play against other SD's and see if it gets interesting again...

I agree with you, it becomes quite boring. However I kindly disagree with your POV that it is superior economically: SD does well, but other PRT's advantage still make a difference in pure ressources, not taking in account the tactical side.

Still, having to spend half the turn moving minelayers and activating / deactivating exploding fields has become quite annoying after 50 years in my 2 SD games ever.

Sometime I feel SD wins because they exaust the other players, not their races, with the forced MM Very Happy



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