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Oh well... Mon, 19 July 2004 11:04 Go to next message
icebird is currently offline icebird

Chief Warrant Officer 3

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Registered: September 2003
Location: In LaLa land...
As emporor of the Big Furry Things, I belive it is time to abandon my post to a well earned retirment. Cool As of now, all planets have been set to produce warships, everyone is set to enemy, and I am not going to spend any more time waging a hopless war- I've been in a loosing position for most of the game, but now I give. No hard feelings though, and we may see you in another universe! Twisted Evil (Host: please set me to inactive or dead so I don't delay any generations)

-Peter, Lord of the Big Furry Things

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SlaveOfSeven is currently offline SlaveOfSeven

Petty Officer 2nd Class

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Registered: January 2004
Location: England
Ah too bad. Hope to see you in another game. Smile

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Star Daze is currently offline Star Daze

Senior Chief Petty Officer

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Location: Seattle, WA or thereabout...
You played well and honourably. It's been a pleasure. Thumbs Up

-Star Daze

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Re: Oh well... Tue, 20 July 2004 13:22 Go to previous messageGo to next message
ForceUser is currently offline ForceUser

Lt. Junior Grade
Stars! Nova developer
Stars! Nova developer

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Registered: January 2004
Location: South Africa
I apreciate you letting me know and not just dissapearing. I'd be honoured to host another game with you in it!


"There are two types of people in the world. AR players and non-AR players" Nick Fraser

Working on some new stuff: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/stars-nova/index.php?t itle=Graphics
And the Mentor Database www.groep7.co.za/Mentor/ ZOMGWTFBBQ!! it still works lol!
Check out my old site with old pics at www.groep7.co.za/Stars/

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Re: Oh well... Sun, 25 July 2004 20:19 Go to previous message
platon79 is currently offline platon79

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Registered: February 2004
Location: Norway
To bad. Be seeing you.
I guess I am waging a hopeless war myself, but I am staying in there.. Wink Warning to any enemy warships: Trespassers will be blasted... 2 Guns
And now what happens, with 2 players gone? Shifting alliances? New idea My ear is open.. any whispered offers out there?.. Whisper Deal Very Happy
Or perhaps not, but now you all will believe anything can have happened?.. Confused3 Confused2

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