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Dishonourable attacks Tue, 13 July 2004 18:19 Go to next message
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The peaceful Staznagorian people have been attacked without warning by the Tarveys, Faeries and Uppis Duppis. Many innocent lives have been lost, and many more casualties are expected as attacks currently underway are completed.

These cowardly acts of agression will not go unpunished.

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Re: Dishonourable attacks Fri, 16 July 2004 01:15 Go to previous message
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It would appear, my dear Ambassador, that these "fellows" are of a disreputable sort, unschooled in the ways of civilized behavior, having no knowledge of honor or the ways of it and unwilling to learn of it.

One would almost feel pity for them, were they not so inutterably base and ignoble of character.

Perhaps the UD are correct that I will be forced to stand alone in this universe, but he was incorrect in the assessment that I would be unable to get any help at all. The UD and the Tarveys have been most obliging in helping to turn others against themselves, and thus by default, bringing aid to the side of the Hyperions.

They are so dishonorable and black-hearted they feel that all must be that way. A trait so evident when you and I were having our earlier "disagreement". I'm sure you remember. Luckily, they were wise enough to show us the error of our ways. While we may not be the classical "allies", we can agree to not kill one another for the duration. Eh?

2 Guns No Deal

Nothing for now.

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