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A new game? Requests? Wed, 02 June 2004 20:16 Go to next message
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Okay - assuming I host a new game;
What sort of game would people like to play as a sequel?

Smaller universe?
Different starting conditions?
Racial Restrictions?
The host to actually remember his race password?
Some other special rules?

Sentio aliquos togatos contra me conspirare.

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Re: A new game? Requests? Thu, 03 June 2004 21:00 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I thought the universe was a good size. I like decently sized maps. The biggest problem by far this game was that people were dropping right off the bat. The Fnord and Vorlons for one and the host homeworld in conjunction with that caused issues. Some people could expand much further than others due to that. The Q tips were basically totally surrounded for example, as were the Woblor. The Asgard has a lot of space to move west though. When other races started dropping it just got worse. I think maybe we should have regenned or something with a bunch gone from the start.

For a secondary game I wouldn't mind something like maybe a total free for all with maybe some restrictions on major economic races like CA. Perhaps some limitations on trading and the like. I honestly no longer have any idea where I'd be tech wise this game after a bunch of trading. Just be interesting to take in some of the skills I learned this game and see how I'd do by myself.

The Dark Angels

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Re: A new game? Requests? Fri, 04 June 2004 14:11 Go to previous message
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When the current game is over (it may go for a while yet!), I'm going to take a break from Stars until at least after my summer vacation. I'd still like to make a recommendation for future games:

The turn generation schedule has been pretty horrendous for a few of us during the weekends. Pretty much every weekend I've been forced to take my turn at the strangest locations. If I gave you a list you probably wouldn't believe it. Because of this I have resorted to playing the entire game on my laptop (it's too much work to move the game from computer to computer) which is not great because of the small screen (and the absence of certain keys, like Print Screen!). The problem is this: we have a 2 day (48 hour) turn generation cycle. Now since there are 7 days in a week, we end up with two different types of weeks. Either a turn is due on a Thursday or on a Friday. If it's due on a Thursday, the next turn is due on Saturday. For me that has always resulted in having to do the turn on Friday or Saturday, which is often very inconvenient. If a turn is due on Friday, I have to do the turn on Saturday or Sunday, which is also bad.

I know others have complained about doing turns during the weekends as well. I suggest that it would be better with a fixed turn generation schedule. If people want about three turns per week, like what we've been playing, one could put these on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (Someone might say "Oh, but the game moves on so much faster when the game generates as soon as everyone is turned in." That might have been true the first 10-15 turns of the game or so. After that, just about each and every turn has taken the full time, at least 47 hours 15 minutes.)

I think this would be the biggest improvement to the game set up. The only other big problem in my mind is players dropping, but that is difficult to prevent.

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