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Of Travel Lanes, Space Debris, and the Rules of War Sun, 30 May 2004 23:30 Go to next message
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Greetings Sentient Beings,

The Hyperions, being of a peaceful nature and solely concerned with our economic growth, would like to announce a new policy that will impact somewhat our neighbors and their immediate concerns.

We speak plainly of minefields. Minefields which are obstructing our ability to sustain our border worlds, stunting the growth of our trading lanes, and creating a universal hazard to totally peaceful internal travel.

The Hyperions ask politely that all bordering neighbor civilizations restrict the growth of their minefields so as to not impede our attempts at internal trading. Otherwise, ships specifically designed to "prune" minefields will be employed so as to open our trade lanes. These ships, designed around very light warship hulls, have not been designed for conducting war. They are solely intended for use against minefields only, and would wither away like moths in a flame should real combat present itself.

Meanwhile, the Dyrhamanians seem to have adopted a policy of shoot first and talk never. They specifically seem to enjoy targeting unarmed transports full of defenseless colonists. This is a shameful tactic and one generally shunned by any true civilized space-faring species. We ask politely that they stop this practice now - completely and forever. We do not ask for any apologies or other signs of weakness from the Dyrham. We simply ask that they stop. Another incident would not bring beneficial results to anyone.

The Hyperions welcome contructive dialog from any and all within the reception of this transmission.

There will be no war today.

Nothing for now.

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Re: Of Travel Lanes, Space Debris, and the Rules of War Fri, 04 June 2004 05:32 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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After seeing your concern about some minefields being too close to your border worlds, we immediately gave the task for our best engineers and scientists to solve the part of the problem that concerns our minefields.

We hope that the solution our scientists and engineers had for your problem with minefields being too close to your border worlds satisfies all the requirements you stated:
1) There are no our minefields next to your border worlds any more.
2) Your minefield pruning ships are not needed any more near our minefields as your internal routes should now be far away from them.
3) No arms were used in that process, so there were no war today.
4) As a bonus gift for you we also try to turn off the biggest minelayer factory found in the whole galaxy. If that succeeds, there will be less minelayers near your worlds in the future also.

We regret that one part of the solution failed due to the fact that one of your planets had some devices that caused our calculations to fail and thus the solution is still on its way to a wrong, non border planet.

Please, understand that the requirements you wanted us to fulfill were not easy ones and if this solution does not completely satisfy you the reason might be that the requirements were too difficult.

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Re: Of Travel Lanes, Space Debris, and the Rules of War Fri, 04 June 2004 20:18 Go to previous message
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The Tarveys

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