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icon4.gif  Address of Lord Hyperion Mon, 26 April 2004 12:18 Go to next message
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Gentle Beings, Hyperion, Lord of Light, will now address The Illuminated Council.

Today marks the day that the Hyperions truly enter the Stellar Age. Many of you no doubt believed that we had entered this illustrious age 10 years ago when our first warp-engine powered ships left our planetary cocoon to enter the unknown universe. But you would be mistaken to believe thus. A new event has marked this day instead.

I am thrilled beyond what words can describe to announce to you this day that we are currently in direct communication with not one but two sentient, extraterrestrial civilizations and in indirect communication with two more.

I should not have to tell you the consequences to this new turn of events in the history of the Hyperion people. All that we have believed to be true is no longer. We must readjust our thinking so that we now understand that we are not alone in a universe that allows us unlimited potential and possibilities. We must now understand without any doubt whatsoever that our universe is a crowded one, and that we find ourselves restricted upon all sides by boundaries that we have yet to locate, by beings whose natures we have yet to comprehend.

It should be noted here that all communications to this point have proved to be of an encouraging, indeed welcoming, tone. We have not received any communications of a threatening nature. All ships of an alien nature have been proven to be unarmed so far. We appear to be in a peaceful universe.

But our explorations have only mapped out a very small portion of the universe to this point. We need to remain cautious while entertaining our new neighbors.

But, this is not the only revelation that we have received.

Another message has been received. One from a race of beings of completely unknown origin, from a location that we are unable to determine, evidently from a civilization so far beyond us that we are not even able to think in terms of competition or cooperation. I will read to you a part of that communication here today.

"We are the EmTea. We have been since before you were. All you see has been ours since before all. Having been seeded, we now desire to go. Behind we leave our legacy, but only to the one who proves themselves to be worthy of the honor. Peace must be among you who would be true. You must show knowledge and understanding beyond what you know, and you must show a cooperation that you have not seen. But mostly you must acquire wealth beyond your abilities to hold."

Following this introduction, we are given a set of conditions that we as a people must meet in order to inherit the universe from the EmTea. I leave it to you, gentle beings, to review these conditions at your leisure, but I encourage you to not view the situation lightly.

We have been given a momentous undertaking, should be decide to tackle it. And it is the task of this governing body to decide whether or not we as a people will shoulder this burden willingly, or if we will allow the dominance of this universe to pass to others whom we must assume to be less deserving than ourselves, though no less willing to sacrifice to achieve their own dominance from all preliminary indications. History, and your Supreme Governance, is awaiting your decision on this matter. Do not make this decision lightly.

Thus ends this historic address to The Council by our own Lord Hyperion.

Let us return now to hear commentaries by our pundits who are eagerly waiting for the chance to speak on these matters of which they know not.

L Blue bounce Purple bounce Red bounce

Nothing for now.

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Preachin' to the choir, man...yer just preachin' to the choir.

Born, grew up, became an adventurer

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Well YE-AH! Rolling Eyes

It's not like I really had anything new to say, but I hadda say SOMEthing. Laughing

Nothing for now.

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