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Canine Persuasion Sun, 28 December 2003 06:51 Go to next message
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I apologize people, I awoke this morning from a dream where a cute little corgi named "Zippy" was telling me to change H2SO4 to Goofy. Whisper

I then realized that the goals are very overbalanced...
Dog House, Shaggy Dog, Aries (The Dog Star[err, that's supposed to be Sirius] Razz ), Zippy (The Wonder Dog)... I must be under some kind of mind control from EDog. Who by the way sits in the center with his goal planet Dog House right there. Shocked 3

I will stop chewing bones, baying at the moon, and pissing on fire hydrants... I will try to amend for my past mistakes and ensure this is a fair game. Sun is out

And, EDog, I am watching you... both in and out of the game... no untoward actions will be tolerated. Shame

[Updated on: Sun, 28 December 2003 07:53]

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Re: Canine Persuasion Mon, 29 December 2003 12:15 Go to previous message
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donjon wrote on Sun, 28 December 2003 04:51

And, EDog, I am watching you... both in and out of the game... no untoward actions will be tolerated. Shame

Huh? What? Where? What'd I do? What'd I do? Shocked

I'm a Packet Physicist...All my actions are toward! Packets go toward their targets. So do my ships.

Untoward, indeed. Sheesh. And what do you mean by "out of game"? Is that a camera behind my head? You didn't see what I just did, did you? Is that untoward?

I oughta lay off the coffee...and stop playing that Liquid War game...it's keeping me from doing my serious work (Darn you, Ron!).

EDog, Controller of Canine Mind Control Satellites, currently targeting Belize

Born, grew up, became an adventurer

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