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Menzes pressreleases go here! Tue, 25 November 2003 09:24
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Staryear 2457, Captains' log...404 File Not Found!

From: Meanzeei High Command
To: Whom it may concern.

Message of understanding:
To the bewildered races of this galaxy.

You must understand our situation before your judge us. Having recently evicted the warmongering former president, we found ourselves with no HW, no Cash and no Hope (noone can sing or tell jokes). Furthermore, we have mental problems with the idiotic racename that history bestowed on us. Meanezie...Meanzee...Meanzi...Menzes...no one can remember, to be honest.

Therefore we had but one option: KILL, KILL, KILL!!!! ATTACK!! CRASH!! BURN!!!! LOOT!!!

Ah, wait. Wrong answer. That was an autoreactoid that was leftover from the former president. Is replaced now.

No, we seeked diplomatic ressurection and welcomed the first genuine and well considered offer. And the first offer that showed real intention of negotiations. Had others exercised a similar kind of diplomacy, our alignment might well have been different. It was all a matter of small margins.

So to those races who urge us to act in certain ways, we say: next time consider your diplomatic openings more carefully. Jumping an empire undergoing revolution 'just in case' is sure to backfire diplomatically. Even regular war is better.

Next time...

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