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Wolves welcome others to galaxy Tue, 28 October 2003 17:47 Go to next message
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The Wolves are anxious to try out our new translation software and any misunderstandings are clearly the result of faulty software.

The Wolves wish to welcome all the delicious species of the universe. We would certainly like you to join us in a meal - or in the case of the Budgies in a light snack.

Our wish to all races is "Happy Hunting" or "Happy Fleeing" for prey races!

Brother Wolf

No trees were harmed in the making of this sig. However, many electrons were terribly inconvenienced

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Re: Wolves welcome others to galaxy Sun, 16 November 2003 10:16 Go to previous message
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Fortunately, Troglytes are inedible by carnivorous carbon based life forms. Troglytes are mineral based life forms who's base structure is roughly equivalent to what earthlings call 'Granite'. Troglytes consume metals and minerals for their metabolism. The atmosphere required for Troglyte consumption is highly toxic to most carbon life forms since it consists mostly of sulphur dioxide.

However, we do create some substances that are usable and even enjoyed by beings such as yourselves - namely a mineral based grog that is slightly intoxicating.

Rock of The Empire

Though we often ask how and why, we must also do to get the answers to the questions.

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