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Role players in here Sat, 07 December 2002 09:54 Go to next message
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The harlequin scout had barely left space dock. It was a new prototype taking full advantage of the recent discovery of warp drives. It's aim was simple, to find alien life, if any, and make contact.

It had taken just 4 years and a second alien race had been found. Maybe this one would be as friendly as the previous first contact made, maybe not. The harlequin scout sent the standard greeting to this new race, and established a connection with the homeworld.

In the fleet command headquarters one of the terminals blinked into life...

*** data transmission connecting... ***
*** connection established ***
*** receiving data from Diplomat 7 ***
*** all systems nominal ***
*** contact with alien made ***
*** awaiting response ***

The terminal operator opened up his message console and began to relay the news to the Admiral of the fleet and to the High Council

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Re: Role players in here Mon, 09 December 2002 12:24 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Traders scouts looking the planets around there worlds for some peacefull races who wanna trade with us . We have lots of minerals and tech to trade ..... But all you SS out there , show me that you are here and speak with us .

King of the Traders

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Greeting to the Traders;
from the Shadallrangers.

After having reviewed your recent announcement our governing body has decided that if you tell us where your homeworld is we will see if we can send out some ships to trade with you. Wink Laughing

(aka FurFuznel)

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Re: Role players in here Fri, 13 December 2002 23:57 Go to previous message
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News Flash News Flash News Flash News Flash
Leading Scientist Drink Backwash was killed today when the new ram scoop technology engine that he was working on exploded. 33 dekasecs into the start of the mission, just as the engine was to come on-line it exploded. Many engine pundits are now speaking in terms of decades before the new technology will be developed and viable for commercial use. The loss of this brilliant mind will set back Blob propulsion technology for years to come.
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