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End of RWIAB Tue, 16 December 2003 18:37 Go to next message
overworked is currently offline overworked

Lt. Junior Grade

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Registered: November 2002
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Given that there has been no further word on the RWIAB races fighting a final battle I will declare the game over on Thursday.

At that point I will inform Ron that the game can be closed out and this forum archived or otherwise handled as he sees fit.

Post-2500 phase appears to have been won by the Kitties.

- The Mad Scientists (host)

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Re: End of RWIAB Wed, 17 December 2003 06:03 Go to previous messageGo to next message
mazda is currently offline mazda


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Registered: April 2003
Location: Reading, UK
All hail the Kitties.
Bringers of peace to the universe.

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Re: End of RWIAB Sat, 20 December 2003 23:36 Go to previous messageGo to next message
overworked is currently offline overworked

Lt. Junior Grade

Messages: 403
Registered: November 2002
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

RWIAB officially over.

Leit has offered to post his race password if anyone wants to look over the Kittens current position.

I don't intend to add to the earlier game review since I considerd the post-game turns beyond the original game scope and the players generally testing stuff out.

I'll mail/message Ron about freeing up the game page in a couple of days.

- Kurt

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Re: End of RWIAB Sun, 21 December 2003 00:16 Go to previous message
LEit is currently offline LEit

Lt. Commander

Messages: 879
Registered: April 2003
Location: CT
My race password is: scamp

If you set the scanning % to 20%, that's the range I can spot 98% cloaked fleets.
Interesting worlds to look at:
Siberia has my remote mining fleet, and was hit by a comet a few years ago.
Spruance has my pop fleet, I started putting it there a few turns ago. Lavacious is my northern pop fleet (that used to be Cancers world 2 turns ago)
Viscous is my fleet gathering point, there is my main fleet preparing for the final battle that never happened, that is about 100ly NE of Viscous.
Cancer's fleet gathering point is at Faith, although a chunk of his fleet is going from Faith to Ho Hum, heading the wrong way for the final battle at Kutuzov.

My take on post 2500 period:
It was obvious that the AR fountain was going strong, and therefore, if Cancer and I fought, we'd both lose in the long run. We agreed to an extension of the NAP.

With that I pressed forward against the Moties and the now inactive Higard positions. After about 10 years of that, I managed to take the SW corner - which was very nice, it reduced my active border about in half.

I started running out of minerals pretty quickly, and it became obvious that if the fountain kept going, we weren't going to be able to stop the Southern Alliance (Freen, K'Leath, and Moties). So I hatched a desperate plan, and sent most of my fleet in a penetration run against the AR HW (Pop). Sweeping their fields at high speed worked much better then I'd anticipated, so I made it to Pop in 5 years IIRC (337ly through hostile mine fields). But by the time I got there, they had a big enough fleet that victory wasn't guaranteed, and if I lost that fleet, the game was over. Nixot tried (and failed) to kill the Death Star, they'd modified the design and it took 95% damage instead of dying.

My reinforcements looked like they were going to hit one of their worlds, so they gated those forces to deal with that, meanwhile I sent in another attempt to kill the base, and now that it was undefended, it worked. They then gated back, and met my fleet (which had reinforcements) and lost. And we'd had time to widen the path to Pop a bit too. A few turns later, the game ended.

- LEit

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