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Re: Request for Riot Grrls Mon, 28 July 2003 15:05 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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EDog wrote on Sun, 27 July 2003 14:24

Ozone wrote on Fri, 25 July 2003 14:31

I could also use some energy 10 scrappers when they are available so that I can be picking up some tech during the up coming weapon lambing years. I will be finished with W12 research this year for those who are interested. I'll probably be up to W14 by the time the con lambing is complete. So plan for at least 4 years of weapons lambing once con 9 is done.


It will be a few years before I have energy 10. I am completing Bio 7 next year for the Minelayer-80, and then it will be at least four years before I have Energy 10. I am facing threats at Blush and Sadie from multiple races and am making a push southward from McIntyre to Nu (which has been very successful so far.) I have a large fleet of Phaser Bazooka FFs that I am preparing to gate in to Blush for defense. If anyone can spare some warships to help keep the Da'Shain, Angst, and Andorians from cutting me off from the rest of you, that would be greatly appreciated.


Where do you need support? I can gate some FFs to Blush if you need help there (assuming that you will have the mine field turned off).

Please turn off all of the mine fields around my planets since I am now targeting the enemy fleets in the area.


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Re: Request for Riot Grrls Wed, 30 July 2003 22:20 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I only have a couple small minefields detonating this turn. A large Da'Shain Fleet is attacking Sadie in 1 turn and will likely move to Blush shortly thereafter.

My frontline minelayers are being massacred - they can't outrun skirmish fleets, but at least they are cheap to replace and I just landed minelayer-80s. Very Happy

On a side note, the Blue Team may be surrendering to us - see the email I forwarded to everyone from Dan C.


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Re: Request for Riot Grrls Thu, 31 July 2003 04:17 Go to previous message
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You think they wanna surrender NOW, wait till the AR meets up with my 98% cloaked battleships. Twisted Evil

We couldn't have picked a better combo of PRT's.

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