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Mineral Upload Bug Mon, 08 November 2021 22:16
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Mineral Upload
Stars! allows you to upload minerals to any fleet in orbit that does not belong to you. You can even do this if that fleet does not have a cargo hold. This causes the minerals to "disappear". People have abused this bug to deny the salvage of a battle from their enemy by uploading the minerals from the surface to the enemies warfleet/bombers.

I can now detect for and correct for this bug. Tricky, as upload orders only have fleet Ids. Fleet Ids only have design information, and design information includes the parts, but not the actual cargo capacity.

However, it's subtle, as you could be uploading minerals to an ally. My current process is:
Check to see if you're uploading minerals to a fleet that's not your own
Check the cargo capacity of the fleet.
If the cargo capacity is < the amount of minerals being uploaded, throw a public warning. I could either reset the upload to 0, or reset the upload to no more than the fleet capacity, but I'm trying to avoid rewriting block information where I don't have to (less risk of data corruption).

On the bright side, I think along the way I've gathered the pieces for detecting the Robber Baron and [freepop] Hack (since I can see the cargo capacity for a fleet).


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