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battle speed, enigma pulsar, and WM Mon, 30 December 2019 20:55 Go to next message
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It's quite probably that these questions have been answered somewhere, but I couldn't find the answer...

My question pertains totally hypothetical WM's with dreadnoughts equipped with enigma pulsars.

My understanding from https://wiki.starsautohost.org/wiki/Things_to_Remember_about _Battle_Speed_by_Iztok_-_July_2011 is that
- EP (like TS10) has base speed 2
- Each EP adds .25 movement
- WM gets an extra .5 bonus
- Each 70*5=350kt BS is reduced by .25

Now, in the ship design screen (f4) I get some things I don't fully understand.

Q1) Is the WM bonus included in the f4 screen, or added later? (my understanding is it is added later)

Q2) If I design a ship with weight 800 and 5 pulsars, I expected BS (2+1.25-.5 >= 2.5, even disregarding WM bonus). However, F4 shows a battle speed of 2.25. The comparable ship with TS10 engines gets the expected battle speed of 2 - 2*.25=1.5 (presumably excluding WM bonus). However, I would expect in any case (where the weight difference between the engines does not cross the threshold) that the EP has 1.25 more speed than the TS10 (capped of course at 2.5). However, the difference here is only .75. Can anyone explain either outcome?

Thanks, and happy new year!

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Re: battle speed, enigma pulsar, and WM Tue, 18 February 2020 20:29 Go to previous message
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The Enigma Pulsar only actually provides +1/8 battlespeed, not +1/4. It rounds up, though, so a Dreadnought gets +3/4 battlespeed from using the Enigma Pulsar.

And, indeed, WM's speed bonus doesn't show up in the ship designer.

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