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Re: {sigh!} Where to go from here? Wed, 21 May 2003 03:13 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Star Daze wrote on Tue, 20 May 2003 23:15

GR: 17%, 1 in 9
Economy: 1/1000, 12/8/18(-g), 10/5/17

UNBELIEVEABLE! I can't believe you managed to skyrocket that economy the way you did with 1/9 hab and 17% growth!

Wow! Well done, Star Daze! Cheers

Math? Confused Ummm, sure! Nod I do FREESTYLE math.

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Re: {sigh!} Where to go from here? Wed, 21 May 2003 10:15 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I think I may have stated the G box incorrectly; it was checked (I have updated my previous post). There shouldn't be any points left over in the Race Design.
-Star Daze

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Re: {sigh!} Where to go from here? Wed, 21 May 2003 13:14 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Old desgin? Maybe I don't remember it right, but wasn't it a fleet with Nubians?
If it was (like I think it was) then this is my newest desgin... Very Happy

Dragons, Myyrdraals and such, right?

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Re: {sigh!} Where to go from here? Thu, 22 May 2003 01:12 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Yet I am not at home for some days and the game is over , i want to go on ;(((
Have over 700.000 minerals each what whans to be ships .
ok but when you whant to finish the game its ok Wink when you say it ends draw .
Sore the people here are the stats of my race :

LRTs: regenerating shilds , improved fulluse , no mining ,
better space stations
Hab: Grav Imm, Temp Imm, Rad Imm
GR: 4% ( 8 %), 1 in 1
Economy: 1/1000, 15/3/25(-g), 23/2/20
Research: all cheap , electronic normal bio 75% more

This is my backup race for a partner game , I get fast tech at the starting and can give minerals away like they need , this race needs normaly protektion at the begin because of there los growth ( not here Wink ) . But if the race have enouth time to grow you cant stop it because of ther endless minerals .
I have joined the game only to play with a partner , and my partner have telled me only that i can not play and shoud do my own thing ...... so i have desidet to help the Star Danzer with some help against me , I could beat the star danzer ( or belive so Wink ) but want to have some fun not only to win .


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Re: {sigh!} Where to go from here? Fri, 23 May 2003 07:18 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Well, I think I did well for what is really my first PBEM for this game. Even though my race left little to be desired for this game. So much for testing it against the computer.

The Gannok Race:
Terrain: G .17-5.84, T -164C to 164C, R 9mR - 91mR
8% Growth Rate
Tech: Const & Elec/50%
I also jacked my mines and factories to about 15

I was trying to go for a race that could habitat most any planet I found right away. Howeveer with LSP going and such a slow growth rate, I sputtered out before I could even get started. I see these as errors but eaasily fixed ones.

I got the Electronics boost so I could scan further much faster. And I upped my factories/mines so that it would take fewer people to opperate them.

Any way you look at it, I felt screwed when Battleships were coming my way and the best I could do were my bright new shiny Cruisers. Thankfully my partner is an able diplomat and I was seen as such a non-threat that I was left alone as something to be mopped up when the "real" threat was gone. I was a little fish in a big pond and knew it.

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Re: {sigh!} Where to go from here? Fri, 23 May 2003 17:58 Go to previous message
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Registered: November 2002
The UAF:
Hab: Grav 0.21-1.96, Temp -144-96, Rad 14-74
GR: 17%, 1 in 4
Economy: 1/2000, 13/9/20(g box checked), 10/5/15
Research: con and prop cheap, bio expensive, rest are normal

Design: HP race, which can still get lots of stars and fast tech. I actually think it worked.
I'm especially proud since this is my first game against other Humans, and I never even got that far when playing against the AI (not because I lost, but because of boredom).

Star Daze is right- read the articles.

Game events and plans:
My first goal was expansion, and as much as I can. Not territory and colonizing planets. I've sent few scouts to hope between worlds as fast as they can (should've sent more scouts) and every time I saw a ship of another race I warned the player that he's getting into my territory. This more or less worked, and people didn't colonize the territory I saw at the time.
The Shandallarange did some problems when the LIED about their Homeworld location, to get some extra planets. Since I couldn't check it at the time they expended a little more south then I wanted.
Closed in the north by the Shandallarange, and east by the Traders, I had to expand to the close west border, and then south. Luckily the Almucantars, that were south to me, left the game just as I met them (we never got to talk).

I made a border agreement with the Shandallaraged, and the Traders and I seemed to know where our borders are.

When it was clear that the Almucantars are clear for the taking, I decided to immediately consider their territory as my own. I told the Phel about it, as they were interested in their west neighbors too, but the Phel decided to invade "my" new territory despite my warnings. With my Blob allies as #1 or #2 at the time, I wasn't afraid of their threats ("we have allies too you know").
Beside, with a war between the Phel and the Traders already going on, not only that I didn't worry about Phel attacks, I was also drooling over the though of their juicy Homeworld belonging to me. A war with the Phel seemed like a safe and good move.

I've started producing an army, using my Basilisk and Archer cruiser designs. In the meantime I conquered the north part of the Almucantar territory, and the Phel were fast enough to conquer the south part.

My initial plan was to attack and conquer the Phel HW in one surprise attack, but my first fleet didn't seem to have enough power to do it, and while I waited for reinforcements the Phel brought reinforcements of their own, including Dazer help. To get forces faster I decided to conquer Forest, a planet near the Phel HW, so I could build a stargate there and get ships quickly. Although I conquered the planet and built a stargate, the Phel and Dazers still got ships to the area faster then I could. Although they lost many ships trying to get Forest back (if they were combining their attacks and working with cooperation they would've lost less) Forest was eventually conquered.
Amusingly, my weaker fleet conquered some planets the Phel inhabited in the Almucantar territory, this fleet lasted for much longer time then I expected, but was eventually defeated as well.

This wasn't my first contact with the Dazers though, I first met them at the other side of the wormhole, where they warned me to stay clear. I left the game for two weeks about that time, and my replacement (Captain Maim) decided to colonize planets in the other side despite the Dazers warnings. One planet was indeed colonized, and lasted there for a long time until the Dazers found it, and eventually destroyed it.

I barley had connection with the Blobs, and no cooperation at all. While we agreed to intercolonize, the Blobs never sent their fleet into my territory. I don't know how he got to such a good place with his race (mines cost 15!!) but he somehow managed.

Back to the war with the Phel, after losing Forest I returned into cold-war state. Researching and developing planets as best as I could, the UAF never even built one Battleship! I skipped those and got directly to Nubians. This was possible thanks to the Traders that kept the Dazers and Phel busy (and gave me some tech, since I promised to help them. Later I gave them some elect tech, and I really had every intention to attack the Phel and Dazers so I don't feel that I lied Smile ).
The north-east was quit because the Hand didn't need me as another enemy, and both Traders and Shandallaranged colonized the areas too.
The north was safe thanks to the Border agreement with the Shandallaranged, and the fact that when they got crazy and attempted to attack me, my Basilisks showed them the errors if their ways.

I was careful not to commit myself into an alliance of some sort with the Traders. I planed to help them finish the Dazers with Blobian help, and they turn my fleets on them. The Blob desertion caused some problems with this plan, but I intended to keep this option open for the time being.

Eventually I got all the tech I wanted, and begun building my Nubians. My fleet started conquering former Almucantar territory from the Phel again, and while I was amassing forces to attack the Phel HW, I sent a cloaked fleet to cause the Dazers some trouble up the north.
A major mine lying operation has started even before all that, in attempt to slow the Dazers and Phel by laying mines in their territory, and to secure Blob territory for my use with mines, until I'll have ships ready to take over the place.
The Dazers didn't like it, and almost every turn to the end of the game I lost few mine-laying ships (Rattrap) to them.

My attempt to steal minerals has failed without any good results, so I never bothered too much.

BTW, FurFuznel, you might want to know that you were VERY close to getting into a war with me when you suggested to sell Tachyon Detectors to any race. I considered forcing you to promise exclusiveness unless I attack, or to siege your territory and destroying any tachyon ship that is being delivered to another race. Eventually I decided against that, because I wanted those ships and I had a feeling that you won't give other races the discount you eventually gave me (was I right?) and siege was simply impossible.

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