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icon9.gif  Battle board overload for fun and profit Tue, 18 February 2003 06:04 Go to next message
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Someone in the game (I have no idea who) has complained that I might have used the battle board overload to shield my bombers from the battle. I would like to take this opportunity to say that my overloading of the battle board was purely accidental (I know this is no excuse) but more importantly my bombers didn't arrive that turn and so were not shielded by my accidental use of this 'feature'. The only things that were shielded were some more chaff because my main fleet hit a mine and wasn't present at the battle either.

I will now explain how this occured showing quite conclusively that I am not fit for command. I was involved in a chaff sweeping operation and I have never chaff swept before (strange but true) and so I didn't really know what I was doing. I split off 400 chaff for the sweeping without even thinking of the battle board token limit (once again, no excuse). Thinking that I would be a bit unhappy if I hit a mine with my main fleet that then destroyed my bombers I split off the bombers and had them approach the target planet at the safe speed which means it would arrive a turn later. My main fleet did indeed hit a mine and so it didn't make it to the battle. All that made it through was chaff and because over 300 chaff in single ship fleets arrived it caused the battle board to overflow, but all that was shielded was more chaff. I have that turn's file archived so if the person who complained would like, we can get a third party to view the file to confirm what I have been saying.

Its very embarassing having my incompetence brought out into the light of day but I don't want anyone out there to think that I cheated.

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Re: Battle board overload for fun and profit Tue, 18 February 2003 12:18 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I would say: not guilty Rolling Eyes

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Re: Battle board overload for fun and profit Wed, 19 February 2003 00:46 Go to previous message
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Thanks Robert. I am the host of the game and I'd have to agree.

I suggested that Vegas post his explanation here just to get it out in the open. Looks like these game forums are useful Ron Smile

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