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Re: Playing a low-profile PP in a non-comm game Mon, 15 July 2013 19:00 Go to previous messageGo to previous message
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Hi,Skoormit. Thanks for the questions.

My testbeds probably increased from 25K to 30K for -f Packet Physics when I used ALL options for positive terraforming.
And even playing as an undercover PP in a large game, my HG race was in 1st place from 2440 to 2470 inclusive. I did a moderate amount of red colonization and packeting from those red planets for both myself and for allies use. If you have an AR for an ally, he doesn't even have to move off his world Razz I was still able to get some sneak attacks in too.

But I didn't win, so morale is - PP is fun, but one of the most difficult to win with.

If I am not trying to hide my PP nature, probably only do 3 or 4 red planet colonizations to cut down on decay shooting from more distance greens. Minerals tend to be more of a problem than resources.

If I am trying to hide my PP nature, I might actually have to increase the number of red colonizations to 8 or 9. Would depend on size, density of galaxy, habs and luck. All so I can fire in 1-year paths.

I think you have a good handle on the net costs. Just like to point out that not all costs you mention are total loses.

1) You can cut down the people on the red planets once driver is built to just the number needed to fire packets.

2) You can cut down to a skeleton crew once nearby planet(s) have been positively terraformed. Later upgrade driver, more planets in range. Upgrades are cheap because lower number drivers get full credit when upgraded to higher. So possible one planet does terra for more than one world.

3) Cargo ships only need to be dedicated to this for a few years. Then go back to real jobs.

4) 11% of minerals that hit a planet are recoverable there. Almost makes up for decay.

5) Don't start colonizing reds until HW and some breeders at 25%, when you need to move people anyway.

There are other threads in this area about the size of packets needed for effective positive or negative terraforming. It is better than what the Stars! help file says. I think fracti

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