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Re: Playing a low-profile PP in a non-comm game Mon, 15 July 2013 14:00 Go to previous messageGo to previous message
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Bystander wrote on Sun, 14 July 2013 12:20

A) You can positive terraform for yourself (or allies if you have them) without a packet ever showing up on enemy scanners. You just need to set up a driver within a 1st-year firing range of your target planet. For example, build a cheap warp 6 driver on a planet less than 40 lys from your target. Use a red planet to fire from if you have to. Overfling at a speed of warp 9. 1st-year distance is 1/2 driver squared, so roughly 40.5. Packet hits planet in same year as fired, so no scanning evidence for enemies to see. Depending on size/number of packets, habs and luck - you can have a big yellow world close to 100% fairly quickly. The better the driver tech, the farther away you can fire from, giving you more planets to choose from as source and target.

How much have you used red planets primarily for terraforming in this way? It seems to me that the costs of this approach (colonizer, 50-55k+ colonists that could be elsewhere, freighters to move the minerals to be flung, resources and minerals to build the fort and flinger, etc) outweigh the benefits of packet-forming (cheaper tforming in exchange for minerals). It would seem even harder to get good value out of this approach while trying to only fling packets that will not appear in space, because you'd have to colonize even more reds (and build even more flingers) than if you were willing to fling through space.

Am I misunderestimating the net value of packet-forming? Am I overestimating the net cost this approach to it?

What we need's a few good taters.

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