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Playing a low-profile PP in a non-comm game Sat, 13 July 2013 12:16 Go to previous message
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I have played the Packet Physics race against human opponents in three large games over my lifetime of Stars!

In one, I fired scanning packets as fast and often as possible and offered the results to all players in a bidding war. After all, what good is it for me to know in the first 8-10 turns of the game what the habs are like 500 lys from my HW?

The other two games, I kept my race a secret in order to do some sneak attacking.

All three games had no restrictions on communication or alliances.

But with the advent of so many non-communication games, it strikes me that PP works better undercover in the fog of war.

1) your scanning packets are less valuable, because you cannot sell the data
2) sneak attacks against multiple opponents are more likely to success. Players can't reveal what they have seen.
3) long-range scanning is less successful as territory is almost always enemy-occupied. No gating or racing through wide areas of allied space.

If you minimize your scanning packets and do quick packet raids in limited areas of the galaxy, you might be able to surprise more than one opponent. Besides, your most cost-effective raids are the surprise ones, before opponents start parking evac freighters and building defenses and drivers.

I will follow up with five tips on how I keep my PP race discreet.

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