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(Open) Transport Tycoon Deluxe Sun, 19 April 2009 19:56 Go to previous message


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(Open)TTD[ 16 votes ]
1. Don't/never played either 7 / 44%
2. Play TTD (however sporadically) 2 / 13%
3. Play OpenTTD(however sporadically) 5 / 31%
4. Play Both (however sporadically) 1 / 6%
5. Contribute to OpenTTD(however sporadically) 0 / 0%
6. Just show me the results and stop bugging me to fill in the poll 1 / 6%

You may think this is in the wrong forum, but those of you who've used OpenTTD or TTDPatch, might consider it as inspiration for what might be achieved by a clone - or fan based patch - of Stars. Over the years I've played them all - the original Transport Tycoon, Deluxe, TTD, and now OpenTTD (even Locomotion if you want to count that)

As to why I draw the parallel, I've only recently come across OpenTTD, and more relevantly, the wiki. One thing it has made be realise, is how much of the Stars! material around is *not* aimed at newcomers. Beginners - people who have already found Stars! and figured out the interface(a feat in itself if you can remember that far back). We're forever referring people back to JC's article How to get over 25k resource by 2450 But apart from Altruist's recent series of tips(which I keep wanting to make the featured article but can't get a piece I like to be a short quote) there's very little out there. Maybe I'm wrong and just need to go read everything again. In any case it has inspired me to get off my butt and start putting the (corrected) help file into the wiki(work in progress here) that has been planned since the first wiki began

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