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AR? I like AR. Smile
My comments ...
LRTs: MA is bad others are ok. Just that if you got expensive propulsion then NRSE is also good idea, gives you warp 10 engine earlier.

Hab: 1 in 4 is hard to afford with so lot of goodies.
Edged hab is bad idea because there are very few planets at gravity and temperature edges and later you can terraform the few that are. Moving ... 0.16 to 1.08 and -168 to 16 is possible with pure gain in all fields of race design but i would take even pair of clicks farther from edges. Other thing about hab is that it is better to have wide gravity + narrow temperature for AR.

Growth: 12 with LSP is really low. Try to have 15 at least.

Resources: 10 is my favorite too.

Tech: AR never wins with 0 friends so weapons normal is not so bad idea. Energy expensive however is quite terrible. You got to aim for energy 6 by turn 5 or 6 so your HW can research lots of construction for cheaper cargo vessels and maybe better miners (with ARM you got to use construction 7 miners before construction 15). Why bio ... AR needs no much bio, so take it expensive. Also start at 3 slows you only down early.

Hab: 0.21 to 4.64 / -140 to -52 / immune
Growth: 15
Resource divisor: 10
Energy -0%, weapons -0%, construction -50%, rest +75%
no start at 3. .. 4 leftover points to concentrations.
It got similar strengths but less weaknesses and so performs lot better. Nod

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