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Endgame Comments Wed, 25 August 2004 23:49 Go to previous message
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Dates are approximate.

2422: I arrive in the universe as a replacement for an SS race in next to last place with no allies. I have one planet (my HW), two scout ships, and an empty freighter orbiting a small Conflag colony on Midgard which BTW is the only other green planet I can see. Seeing that some sort of pop drop war had already started (and it was the only other liveable planet), I decided to pop drop it and take it over. I hated to make enemies right away, but I didn't have much of a choice. Also, considering what I started with, I wouldn't make it to the endgame, so my plan was to try and slow down the leaders.

2424: I've built a bunch of scouts and sent them out with a friendship message. I get one reply from the Collective saying no problem. I follow up with some good will messages to them. Watching the universe, I notice I have two JOATs above me and a CA below me and realize my chances for survival just went down a couple notches. I notice the Plats are aggressively scouting and colonizing far from their HW and pick them and the BFTs (just for being CA) as the lead races to slow down. I begin an aggressive campaign of pop-dropping their planets and was amazed at how many I took out before they started sending warships along. I have built a bunch of large freighters to bring the HW down to 33%, and my resources take a huge hit and stay basically horizontal at 2.5K for the next 20 years!

2430-2435: My scouts have now reached the Southern area of the universe and I realize two things; 1) The Conflags control a huge area and 2) their hab range isn't too close to mine. I send off a message requesting an alliance and they graciously accept. They were even willing to give up a couple worlds that were good for me to help me ramp up quicker. I put together a large fleet of about 20 large freighters full of minerals and about 250K pop and relocated (took basically all the minerals from my HW since I didn't expect it to last much longer). I needed to send them through BFT space to go South, but the 92% cloaking did the trick. I sign a NAP with the Conflags and they are nice enough to let me have two planets in their area that were bad for them. I start a campaign of putting up minefields whereever I can.

2440: Since I'm not having to build warships, I start building mining ships. By the end of the game I have 870 mining ships and plenty of minerals coming in.

2450: My colony down South, deep in Collective space, is thriving and I'm starting to slowly spread out. Resource curve is going vertical; later but beter than never. I now begin to think for the first time that I might make it to the end. I begin tech trading with my ally, but I definitely got the better end of that deal. We talk about whether it would be worth having them make a run for Nubians, but decide against it. Instead, we decide to go for BBs and by attacking, cripple other ecomonies before they can make it to Nubians. Things are going well. The Plat/Robot alliance is attacking the BFTs so the BFTs aren't attacking me and the Conflags seem to be biding their time. I propose to the BFTs about trading pen scanners for orb adj ships. They drive a hard bargain and I only got two, but it was worth it. They really helped me ramp up my planets.

2460: The Collective try to take over the Robots planets, but the Plats send reinforcements and the Collective fleet is decimated. I finally get the ultra-cloak and it wasn't long before I had pen scans on every planet.

2470: The Robots leave the game. The Conflags send a large attack fleet against the Plats. I'm crossing my fingers that the Conflags and the Plats don't form an alliance before they reduce each others fleets. Otherwise, the game would have been very different.

2480: I finally get my target tech levels and start producing capital ships. I even make it to first place for a short time before my ally overtook me again.

2490: The Plats attack me, but since I know their fleet makeup (mostly missle ships) and my minefields are slowing them down, I have time to build lots!!! of chaff and I win a substantial victory. I then press the attack against their planets. I soon get the chance to use the robber baron for the first time. Gotta love it!

2505: Notice the Conflags have the battle nexus and get a tad worried since I'm researching it and am still about 8 years away from getting it.

2507: I win another victory at the Plats HW and my ally just barely wins a battle at a major Conflag world. The game is over.

Comments on races:

The Seleni (SS): A good design, but didn't scout/expand nearly enough before I took over. The one real deficit was all expensive tech except weapons. Allies required. I have never played SS before and it was interesting.

The BFTs (-f CA): Got hurt quite a bit by the Plat/Robot offensive and a little by my aggresive pop dropping.

The Robots (warmonger): I'm guessing they must have had a bad race design since they were the only race behind me.

The Collective (-f JOAT): Well played, but was lucky in their position so they were able to grab the large area that they needed for their race. A staunch ally willing to make sacrifices for the team. Would partner up with them again anytime. Thumbs Up

The Conflagurators (JOAT): Very powerful economy, possibly HP, but with a low hab. Lead every other race in tech. In my opinion, some of their ship designs could have been better and I provided them with some suggestions. But their BBZ 2 at the end was a great design and had me wondering on how I was going to counter it. They started mining operations way too late for the few planets they owned. Got to help them learn about kamakazee attacks on bombers and protecting their mining fleets. Very Happy I think they learned the most from this game.

The Platonoids (JOAT): Strong race, well-played, good ship designs. An awesome opponent. Surprised me at the very end with their range 2 high-init beamers. I never did get the MPS dang it.

My thanks to all for giving me a chance early on. I had a lot of fun and hope you all did too. See you in some future universe.

-Star Daze

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